Florida LPN's and PICC lines

  1. Are Florida LPN's allowed to draw blood from a PICC line?
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  3. by   CP2013
    Not anywhere I have worked. The LPNs I knew had their IV certification and it only allowed them to insert, assess site, and hang IV medications. Only to peripheral lines. Not sure if it was state law or facility based. Check nurse practice act?
  4. by   Blackcat99
    I just found out that Florida LPN's can take blood samples from PICC lines if they have taken the 30 hour IV certification class and if and only if their LTC policy manual says it is OK for LPN's to do. I have taken the 30 hour IV certification class but have never taken blood samples from a PICC line. I am going to check with my DON and see if it is allowed per our policy manual in our LTC. I am hoping that they will have a nurse watch me the 1st time I do it.
  5. by   CP2013
    So it's determined by facility I guess. We had LPNs on our floor and any meds through the PICC or blood from it, they had to ask an RN for help. They tried to keep those patients with an RN, but sometimes we had too many and one would end up with an LPN.

    I would imagine they would watch you. When D/C a line on a patient, the IV nurse came to do it, our charge nurse said they hadn't done it in years and wanted to observe. The IV nurse said he could do it while SHE observed! It was neat to see that even charge nurses have to brush up on skills!