FIU RN-BSN changes!

  1. i'm posting this as an fyi for everyone.

    i was very happy with fiu's program because of the convenience, and the fact that you don't have to take tons of classes to complete the bsn and that you get a lot of credits for those ec exams and it brings down your total price.

    but i just found out that they took the first class out of the program, and they added a new class this fall term that you have to take in order to graduate

    so definitely, if you are interested in the school- go to the advisor at the nursing school.

    also- for clinicals-- the last semester-- you have to do so much-- background check, drug screening, pay for official transcripts from ec,

    and in my case, take 18 credits.

    i wish i hadn't gotten lazy and graduated in may like i had planned to. now i am paying for that by taking an extra course!
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  3. by   POMAKYYA
    So, how many credits is the entire program? Why are you taking 18 credit hours? Are these 18 credit hours additional to what is required for BSN degree? I guess I'm trying to figure how the program is structured?
  4. by   labrador4122
    Quote from POMAKYYA
    So, how many credits is the entire program? Why are you taking 18 credit hours? Are these 18 credit hours additional to what is required for BSN degree? I guess I'm trying to figure how the program is structured?
    The current curriculum has changed. Some classes have been changed and some classes have been combined, so I do not know the current curriculum credits for the entire program.

    I am on my last semester-- and I was going by the OLD curriculum-- I thought I had 12 credits left to graduate, but now I have 18 credits left due to the reason that I am adding one class that was NOT on my OLD curriculum, but this new class was added to the NEW curriculum.

    the program is set up just like it is now on, but with different course tittles and numbers. To get the details you MUST go to FIU nursing campus because it is not posted on the FIU website.'

    I hope to be done this semester and they do not add anymore classes!
  5. by   labrador4122
    yay for me!! I just went to the student counselor for the program, and I do not have to take that class. She said I could drop it, and apply for graduation!! yay!!!
  6. by   brasileira
    You must have 60 credits in order to graduate. I also do not have to take the new class because I have an extra elective credit that cover for the credits of the new class. I do not know if you realized that they upgraded the amount of credits for Health Assessment class, it was 3 credits worth in the old curriculum now is 4 credits. Also you have an new fee to pay at FIU for every semester as an undegraduate. It still one of the cheapest nursing program at an university. If ayone has any interest in the program they should see an advisor. Call them and make an appointment, bring your unofficial or official transcrips and good luck.
  7. by   brasileira
    I believe you used to be under nickname of bumblebee. How are you doing? I finished my first semester at FIU got A's. I am taking now three classes, Heal Assessment, Leadership in Global Health and Evidence Bades Nursing and Research in Global Health. The one that is driving crazy is the Leadership in Global Health because involve group wrk and have not understand the assigment yet. Have you done those classes already. Any words of advise?
    Also, I want to know how was the EC exams I am planning to do them all this month of September. Are they too difficult. I just passed my Nclex, so I want to use the review of Kaplan to study for them. Please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  8. by   labrador4122
    I did not have to take the global health course because when I spoke to the director of the program, she sat down with me, and started checking off class by class and told me I could drop the global health class, and now I am off to graduation.

    I can tell you about Health assessment, but leadership in global health, and evidence based nursing research in global health, I did not take because those are new curriculum classes.

    Health assessment, you just really have to study for that one. And the tests are timed, so there is very little time to look anything up in the book.

    The other classes I took was nursing leadership- research for consumer- >-from the old curriculum so they should be similar. but they are easy like the first 2 classes, just writing and posting on blackboard.

    yes take those exams! since you just passed nclex then you should have the info fresh on your mind.

    Kaplan is not a good study guide for those exams-- let me tell you why. Kaplan is perfect for nclex because they are at the same difficulty level.

    The exelsior exams are very CONTENT based, it's either you know it or you dont. and you can't use the kaplan test strategies for those types of questions.

    I used saunder's comprehensive review CD that I had left over from nursing school, and listened a little bit to helen feuer content review, and for psych exam, saunders only has 200Q, so I ended up getting reviews and rationales for mental health nursing, that has 450Q. I heard that psych was the most difficult tests, and in fact, one of the girls I work with, said that there were 3 RN-BSN students in the class--- that got me a little nervous because that means that those students could not pass the psych exam and had to take the class with the generic students!! yikes!!

    So those tests the best thing to do, is review your content, and do lots and lots of questions. and the exams are very similar.

    I took all classes already. and right now I am in community health, and community health clinical, and senior practicum! and graduation in december!! I can't wait!!
  9. by   brasileira
    Labrador, thank you for all your advice! I have Saunders and I am going to review the content through it then. I have a book that is called mental health review and rationales I will use that one for psych. I do not understand though why I have to take these exams. I did all these classes during the associates wasn't that enough for them?
    Anyway, congrats on your graduation , I would graduate next Spring but I will be having my baby then...I will graduate by summer.
    I will keep you posted on how I did on those exams. Thanks for all your help! Good luck with clinical!
    Brasileira RN
  10. by   labrador4122
    FAU does not have those exams!

    and for community health, I heard from the other girls at work that at FAU they do their hours in one weekend.

    at FIU you have 60 hrs of community health
    and 120hrs of practicum

    you have to find your own clinical sites! I am actually working on finding a place for community health and I am finding that difficult to do.

    but I am an FIU fan, and it is only 20 min from my house. I did not want to drive to broward again for anything-- like books, or a meeting with an advisor or teacher, so that's why I chose FIU.
  11. by   brasileira
    At the beginning I did not like FIU but after I found out that I was pregnant it was very convenient not have to drive anywhere. I order my books on line. I just go there for advisers or teachers and is about 45 min from my house. FAU is a little far I did not know about them so I just decided to do FIU. The community hours my advisor told me they give you a list with a couple of options for you to do. The practicum hours for me is a problem since I do not have work experience I will have to work with an instructor with one of those lab teachers at FIU clinics. We will how that will go. I will probably go nuts but I really want to graduate and have my BSN.
  12. by   brasileira
    Labrador one more question to you. The Health Assessment exams are multiple choice questions or are subjective essay answers. Does it using the study guide book from Jarvis help?
  13. by   labrador4122
    the tests were multiple choice. I couldn't find the study guide for jarvis book, so I just kept reading and reading, and hope for the best! loll oh and another tip, that I would have a blank piece of paper with me and write down the number of the question I was not sure of, so I could look it up if I had time.
    do you have to meet on campus for the physical assessment demonstration?
    that made me really nervous because I felt like I was in nursing school again, and that teacher wants you to tell her all the details of the assessment! umm like we are not nurses already.
  14. by   brasileira
    Thanks for all the tips! Yes, my friend I have to go to the school. I did that on my associates and it was very intimidating. My professor is Tatayana Bogoplskyi she was your teacher too? I will ask her to be in the last group of presentation by November. have to be out of state for 2 months hope she will understand...
    Anyway once again thanks,
    If I have more questions I will bother you again