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  1. hello to everyone let me just say this website is so awsome it gives you so much info on the nursing field. what i would like to know is are there anyone who has been recently accepted into the nursing program at fau if so how long and rough was the journey. i am currently taking my pre-reqs at pbcc and pba because i just moved to west palm beach and i was originally going to attend pba but realized after they awarded me my financial aid that they were going to be too exspemsive for me. so if there is anyone out there that attends fau, or has applied to fau please give me some insite on what to expect.:studyowl:
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  3. by   Renee4christ
    Hey How are you doing? As we speak, I am waiting on my acceptance letter from FAU Tomorrow is actually the deadline to apply for the Summer 2007 session. I am going to take the HESI over the next week or so. I know you have to have a 3.0, most of your pre-reqs complete and score good on the HESI. there is also an essay you have to submit. From what one of the nursing advisors told me, they only except 40 students!!!!! Good luck!!! Let me know if there is any other info you want to know, but I'm not too sure how much I can help you being that I haven't been accepted yet! What term would you be applying for?
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  4. by   bsm03d
    hey! im actually a senior in the tranditional track fau nursing program. ill grad in may!! anyway.. they do only accept 40 students.. but its not as competitive as many other universities. grades are the most impt thing... and they actually dont look at being a naitive fau student as an advantage like many other universities -most of us (including me ) did prereqs at pbcc and bcc.(only 10 from our class of 40 were from fau) i think our class' average GPA was only a 3.3.. but i know a lot of people applied! fau's big thing is caring.. and im not kidding its a HUGE deal to them.. so in your admissions essay CARE IT UP! they love nursing caring theories by mayeroff (ingredients of caring), sister roach's 6 C's .. etc.. in your application essay i would say something about.. "i was really inspired by the caring phylosophies i read about in... ::insert caring phylosophy book here:: " theyll love it!!
    the preadmissions hesi is a joke basically.. its just to scare you and make sure you can read/add/arent a serial killer... some are personality type questions. most are basic math and language.. basic as in 11+5= ? (and you get a calculator). dont stress about it at all.. i didnt buy the prep book and did fine.. anyway.. if you have any questions at all you can email me at bmille63@fau.edu good luck!!
  5. by   Galore
    I also applied for FAU's accelerated program that starts next summer. It is all a points system based on your GPA, 1-2 page essay, and HESI test score. Some schools seem to require a lot more for the application package (like UF) whereas USF for example strictly goes by GPA. Just stay on track and make sure you get everything in by the deadlines...the website will keep you informed. Good luck!
  6. by   JUBSN

    I am also @ FAU <accelerated program> (I'm sure you are in my MCH with Gibson and Community with Dr. Barry!!!!!)

    The program is ALL ABOUT CARING - and they aren't joking!

    If any of you get accepted into FAU School of Nursing, let me know. I'll give you the skinny:-) In the meantime, RELAX AND SLEEP! It is a challenge!!!
  7. by   Moondance
    For the ones who have replied and already attending, how long after the November 30th application deadline did it take for you to find out if you were accepted?
  8. by   JJMRN
    fau or broward college for nursing? overall opinion please.