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  1. by   RN2BKD
    wow...thats crazy how do you prepare in a case that you do get it....that silly, but I spoke to some students that are currently in the program and they said that its not very hard to get into one girl said she got in with a 2.8 GPA and majority of the students said that 3.0 is fine.
  2. by   RN2BKD
    what exactly are the pre-reqs ?
  3. by   RNnow2016
    well, i had college algebra which is one of the pre-reqs but i had to get out (long story but i did not fail out b/c i only was in the first day of class) but i have all there other pre-reqs and did not want to take a chance of getting rejected and all that money goes to waste. but i am applying to other schools
  4. by   RNnow2016
    did anyone get accepted??????
  5. by   RN2BKD
    you havent heard anything from them...I didnt apply yet
  6. by   RNnow2016
    Well, I have not taken college algebra which I am going to take inthe fall. So I called famu and told them I would come in the spring.
  7. by   apotter1234
    Hi, this is my first time post.
    I am from Michigan and I am applying to FAMU for the fall 2010. I need more information about really how financial aid works(from current students). Also I want to know is their an people from out of state that is going there now and what was your experience with the application process. Also for those who do not mind sharing what was your GPA. I just need an overview, because I am really nervous about applying (especially when I heard that you do not know if you are accept until about 2 weeks {please tell me that is an exaggeration})
  8. by   sohopeful27
    Hey guys! I'm also applying for fall 2010. I'm really nervous about moving to a new area but I've applied at ucf (where I'm a student), fsu, and unf nursing schools and already got my rejection letters which is so discouraging. My overall gpa is a 3.56 with a prereq gpa of 3.77. Honestly, I'm just scared of being rejected once again lol it sucks. Ok, now this question might be silly but I know that famu is a historically African American school which obviously is predominately black...I'm white lol do you think I have a chance? And yes, I am being serious lol. I really don't care if I'm the only white girl in my class lol I'm just curious if anyone knows. Thanks guys