Fall 2013 FSCJ Nursing Student Hopefuls

  1. Hey everyone! Wanted to go ahead and start a thread for our group. I've been following the spring and summer 2013 group a little and figured it might be a good idea to get focused for the fall 2013 group. I've completed all my prerequisites and took my NAT test. Got a 107 on the test and I'm sitting at a 93 will all the prerequisites. So I'm going into the application process with a 203. Does anyone know what the general cut off is? I'm a bit nervous but I'm sure everyone else is too. The only thing I haven't completed is the CPR. I read once that this can be done after acceptance into the program...is that true? Thanks everyone! Can't wait to start chatting!

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  3. by   Emmy_skittles
    Hi! I'm glad someone decided to go ahead and start a group for us! I've finished everything and just waiting to turn in my application. I'm at 203 as well! I can't wait to find out more from everyone
  4. by   NurseAngel316
    That's so cool there is a forum for the 2013 hopefuls. I just took my NAT test and scored an 86. With all my prereqs I will be applying with a total of 190 points. Im not sure if I should retake the NAT or be content with the 86? What do you guys think? Does anyone know what the cut off for points usually is? Thanks!
  5. by   kristiann1985
    You must complete the cpr before you turn in your app. They just changed it. I have like 190 points also. I was planning on taking the nat one more time but forgot they were closed during spring break. I ran out of time on the nat the first time and caused me to do badly. I know the deadline says April 1 st but do you think they will take applications on the first?
  6. by   Emmy_skittles
    April 1st is actually the first day they start accepting applications. You have until June 1st
  7. by   kristiann1985
    They actually changed the dates. I received an email from mrs.james in January. April 1st is the last day for fall term.
  8. by   Emmy_skittles
    Oh wow. Good thing I have everything ready to go.
  9. by   kristiann1985
    Yea seems a lot of things have changed over the last few months. Good luck to you!!
  10. by   Emmy_skittles
    Really? What else has changed? Thanks you too!!
  11. by   kristiann1985
    You have to have cpr training before applying, application dates have changed for each term, if you did your pre req's at a different school you have to have your transcript evaluated first. I think that's about it
  12. by   Emmy_skittles
    Oh. As far as having transcripts evaluated I'm not sure what that means but I guess it's a little late now :/ Thanks for the info though
  13. by   RpmRn
    Hello All! Just wanted to say hello to all the fall hopefulls. It feels good to finally start moving forward. Finishing these pre-reqs seems like it has taken forever. How stressful was the NAT? I do not think I have ever seen a timer move so fast. Lol. It seems like they have changed the application dates again. I spoke to two different ladies at the school on 3-22. They both said that the deadline for fall has been changed to June 1st. They reference the date change to the confusion caused by the misinformation that has surrounded the date changes. So, hopefully that will help people out with retakes and pulling stuff together. Good Luck to everybody and I will see you at orientation.
  14. by   kristiann1985
    Oh well that's a big change. That's great to know I have more time. I m going to email cheryl James again and question her bc she's the one that told me the April 1 st deadline. I think she's the program director. She made it seem these were permanent changes for 2013. I will let you guys know her response. Better safe than sorry. Hoping your right !! Def need more time!!