East Pasco/Zephyrhills vs Pasco Regional Medical Centers

  1. I just moved from out of state to the suburbs northeast of Tampa. I have been researching ED RN
    positions at Pasco Regional and Florida Hospital Zephyrhills, formerly East Pasco Medical Center. The people I have met at both facilities have been
    extremely nice and welcoming, but I could use some inside info if anyone knows some, regarding how it is to actually work at either of these hospitals. I would like to get a job somewhere where I will want to stay a very long time. This moving stuff is not fun!
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  3. by   Journey_On
    Just bringing up an old thread because I too would like to hear any opinions on what it is like to work at either of these hospitals. If anyone has any comments on what it is like to live in Dade City, that would be great, too!

    If uncomfortable with discussing here, PMs are welcomed and appreciated!
  4. by   RJS63
    I won't be able to tell you much about working at either of the hospitals (Dade City or E. Pasco) but I can tell you that I lived in Zephyrhills for 11 years and if I needed any type of serious medical treatment I would travel to Tampa. While I lived in Zhills I worked at Moffitt Cancer Center. That place is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone (which I have~saved a friend's sisters life). It is also a great place to work. If oncology is not your thing there are several major hospitals in the Tampa area as well. It is a little bit of drive (approx. 25 min. depending on the roads you travel and the time of day) but it is worth it. Good luck! :heartbeat