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Hello I am looking for a CNA/PCT/PCA training program in south florida.... Read More

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    Go to the Miami-dade college website - I believe tha's, look for continuing education, then look for something similiar to health careers or classes. A friend of mine was just looking day before yesterday. They have new CNA classes starting next month, three at their Medical Campus, and a fourth in Homestead. The Medical Campus classes run from September to December. You can pick one of three classes that meet once a week; Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. These are all day classes. I believe they meet from 8am to 4:30 or 5pm, and the cost of tuition is $700-$800. I don't know if that includes books and supplies.

    There are other CNA courses in Miami and south Broward that won't take four months to complete, but I don't know if the teaching in those places is quite up to par. I say that because I took a cheap HHA course years ago and didn't learn squat. Anyways - good luck.

    I was able to find it and print out the curriculum as well. I too am TERRIFIED of investing my money into a schooling that takes me no where . My ultimate goal is to become an RN.. I decided to try CNA/PCT route b/c of the HIGH demand for them at my local Hospital and to get my feet wet, while continuing with my RN prereqs.. The hospital requires, you to be certified in EKG/Phlebotomy.. I was able to find both courses at Lindsey Hopkins in Dade.. So far the schedules are working for me.. AnyHoOz, [sorry for the ramble].. I called and left a message to see if it includes books and supplies.. Hopefully it does.. Lolz! Thanks, again!
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    Also, I just found this website from the Dept of Health.. It details the approved schools and their passing rate.. For those of us trying to decide on a school.. It's best to look at this to help make the transition easier:
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