Considering Move to Naples Area

  1. Hello,
    Years ago, before I had my RN, I lived in Naples and loved it. Now as I am nearing the age of retirement I am thinking about returning to this area. I have considered doing the seasonal nursing thing but I need more info about that. I am an OB nurse and would love to continue working in this area. I have even considered working in an office or clinic. Could anyone give me information about the hospital(s) and such in the Naples, Fort Myers or Bonita Springs areas? I do appreciate it greatly.

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  3. by   nurturing_angel
    Apparently no nurses live in this part of the state. Hmmm!
  4. by   nurturing_angel
    Apparently no nurses live in this part of the state.
  5. by   hdbowersRN
    I was a seasonal at NCH several years ago. I don't know that one hospital is better than the other in the area. I do miss living there. Loved living within walking distance of the beach. I would go back in a second but my husband likes his job at the VA in SD (he's a nurse too) and doesn't want to leave family.
    I'm not much help but I would probably go back to NCH if I could move down there again. Good Luck!
  6. by   hdbowersRN
    Also should have told you-I did not work for an agency but I was employed by NCH. So pretty much the same as being a regular employee but only worked 6-9 months out of the year.
  7. by   johndz
    NCH downtown, NCH north, Physician's Regional Medical Center, Collier regional Medical center, these are our local hospitals, NCH has expanded quite a bit in the last 5 years, especially the north collier campus. Of course if you don't want to work in a hospital, there are a ton of health clinics and doctor's offices. And 2 hospices. Good Luck.