College freshman seeking advice-lpn or not?

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    I'm a college freshman a FAU. I want to do the nursing program but I have to finish 30 credits than wait a year until I can get accepted to the program. I'm currently doing my pre reqs a&p's psych, soc., enc 1101 and 1102, and some humanities.Im starting liberal arts(it was recommeded by an advisor).I've been here for a year already. I'm confused on what to do? Should I keep going at this pace or should I go for LPN than go for RN?If so, what are the pre reqs for an LPN program? I'm just confused and I really dont want to waste time and money? A little help please...:icon_roll
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  3. by   RN2Bee84
    Most LPN prgrams don't have pre-reqs well atleast not in Jacksonville. Excuse my ignorance but what does FAU stand for? Personally I want to do what ever will get me into nursing sooner. You could do the LPN, then finish up your pre-reqs for the RN program while working as a LPN. But I would definately look at if there is a demand for LPN's where you live cuz here in Jax most hospitals don't hire LPN's they mainly work in LTC facilities.
  4. by   CA.Florida
    Okay thanks, I'll look into that. By the way it stands for Florida Atlantic University.