Cna test

  1. I passed my cna skills and clinical I am so happy also please let me know how can I get a job in one of the Hospitals here in Orlando I just moved here or nursing home please email me or reply thank you guys for all you're info it helped a lot

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  3. by   BrendaH84
    did u apply via the hospital websites?
  4. by   rifetamenkovic11
    Thx for reply well idk some hospital here in Orlando are calling cna something different or they don't even hire cna idk what Hospital I should apply

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  5. by   BrendaH84
    try looking here maybe CNA Jobs, Employment in Orlando, FL |
    this is a search for cna orlando, but i think u can narrow it by zip code
  6. by   CP2013
    In Orlando they are looking for patient care techs or nurse techs. At Orlando Health facilities the listing is under "clinical tech" or "Clin tech" and they will train you. For Florida Hospital it's listed as "patient care tech"...not sure about training if you aren't a nursing student.

    Basically they are looking for competence with EKG and Phlebotomy as well as your basic CNA skills.

    Hope that helps.

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  7. by   rifetamenkovic11
    Thank you for info

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  8. by   rifetamenkovic11
    I keep applying but no one is willing to hire you when you have no experience in ltc or hospital and is hard idk all I can do is keep trying I guess

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  9. by   Evea17
    Where did you get your CNA training through?