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  1. I go to valencia but I am just trying to get my prerequisites done right now. I was thinking of going ahead and getting my CNA that way I can get in the field. But I am not crazy about working in assisted living. It just is not my thing being around old people all the time. I do not mean nothing by that and I can do it but just not my thing ya know.

    I was just wondering I know that ismostly what cna's do but do cna's work anywhere else and do other things besides assisted living? I mean do they work in hospitals or in any other setting?

    Thank you so much
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  3. by   Berta
    I just finished my first year RN program and got hired at a local hospital as a CNA. I start June 7th. The pay rate is $11 hr plus differential. According to the job description, duties include: ADL's, ambulation, bed making etc, vitals, blood sugars, ekg, and whatever the nurses tell me to do. I was told to be sure the nurses know I am an RN student, so I will be shown things. However, you need to be very careful to only work at a CNA level not as a student.