CEU Time Again

  1. It's renewal time again! Unfortunately, I lost my job about 2 weeks ago when the company closed unexpectedly, so now is not the best time to have to shell out $$ for CEUs and the like. I've found some really great sites for annual subscriptions for CEUs, but all I really need is the 2 hour prevention of medication errors. Let's contribute our favorite free or nearly-free CEU sites to get those CEUs done at a minimum of expense!

    I like nurse.com for its huge library of courses, but at $44.95 for a one-year subscription, it's a little pricey for me now.

    RN.com is $34.95 per year and has some great offerings as well.

    RN.org is $19.95 per year and has the mandatory CEUs plus a few others.

    Any other suggestions?
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    You might want to look at this thread that is posted as a stickie right here on AN.

    Free Nursing Education Programs - 100+ contact hours