Can you get a decent job in a hospital...

  1. with just a regular bachelor's degree? I am looking for something that would let me get out of the classroom, work on my nursing degree, but still pay the bills. Am I looking for a flight of fancy?

    I have a pretty generic communication degree. I have several years of experience teaching and other things. I could do a lot of stuff, but I don't know that anyone in HR would even look at my resume. I also need to make at least 30K to pay my bills. I don't know that this myth job would exist.

    Anyone have any advice or thoughts?
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  3. by   llg
    Most hospitals have departments such as Public Relations, Development, Communications, Community Relations, etc. Your background might be suitable for something in that area. Those people write the newsletters and publications produced by the hospital, etc. You also might find work as a paid person working with the volunteers, the gift shop, etc.

    I would start checking the job postings (Many are online these days.) and see what your local hospitals are looking for. Then see how you can tailor your resume to suit those positions.
  4. by   Cococure
    not sure when you are but check out Orlando Regional Healthcare and Florida Hospital : Orlando's Most Preferred Hospital : Home and search the online job listings...

    good luck
    ps calling the hr dept. might help cuz sometimes not all jobs are posted
  5. by   busylady61
    Ladybella, I am in the same boat. I would love it if I could just afford to quit teaching this May, and go straight to work for a hospital. I haven't really researched this because my sense is, it would be difficult to match my current teaching salary with an administrative type job in a hospital.

    If you find anything out, please post it here and let us know!

    : )

    In the meantime I am planning on staying in teaching while I go for my LPN at night school. It will be rough balancing night school with full time work (really more than full time work --- we all know that teaching is **not** a 40-hour a week job!!) ... but it's the only way I can figure to do this.

    Hopefully I will graduate LPN school in January of '09, and quit teaching in May '09. That's two and a half long years off. Oy vey....