Calculating College GPA if you have a prior B.A.

  1. I am posting this question, in case anyone else has run across this problem because I expect it will take a month before I can get an appointment with an advisor. On my Broward degree audit, it looks like my GPA was calculated based not only on my work at Broward, but also on my GPA from my Bachelor's degree completed years ago. I would not mind this, but they only gave me credit for one course on my old bachelor's transcript. What did other people experience? Appreciate your comments and answers.
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  3. by   jam911
    WHERE did you get your prior BA from....
  4. by   jam911
    my transcript was read 2 weeks ago and they still have not updated my degree audit.. i wonder how long does it take to get updated..
  5. by   mari55
    JAM 911
    I have a bit of struggle. I went to the UF for my BA in Psychology. Prior to entering the UF, I took the CLEP test and received credit for the basic courses. However, the UF did not record my CLEP scores on my transcript, but I recently found someone at the UF registrar's office who located my CLEP scores. Now my Broward degree audit reads that I received credit for English, Math, and Reading readiness, but they have yet to give me credit for the basic English course. Right now, I don't care. I can CLEP again if I have to. I am mostly concerned that they are using my old GPA, but only giving me credit for one course. Its a struggle, but one we can win.
  6. by   jam911
    When the school opens up, i will go down there in person.. However, for the RN program at BC, they only look at AP 1 and lab, AP 2 and lab, Chem, and Enc 1101.. you need at least a 2.5 to apply, but you will need at least a 3.2 to get in the program,
  7. by   mari55
    I know. That is why I inquired about the English 1101. This was supposed to be straigntened out, but my advisor suggested that I double check on my degree audit, and I just did. Now I need to continue to pursue this with the advisor. I am just trying to save money. Just from reading the boards and talking to people, I think a 3.2 GPA is a bit low for recent admissions to the Broward program, if it is not the LPN to RN program, which typically takes a lower GPA. Miami Dade requires a little higher GPA. I would be happy and relieved to be corrected.