Broward College New Student Advice - Study Now?

  1. I will be entering my first term at Broward College and will have 2-3 months off.
    What can I study so I can be prepared for the first term?
    I have 2-3 months and heard how hard it is in the first term and I want to get an early start.

    What books should I get and start studying?


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  3. by   GabbsRN
    Which campus will you be attending?
  4. by   joifulgirl
    I have not made the choice. Either Central or North.
  5. by   GabbsRN
    Well for North, you can check out the nursing process I/II professor's website.

    I've been told to look over the Fundamentals and the Skills books (they are on the book list on her website and both books are by Perry/Potter, if I'm not mistaken). You can see the calendar as to what you'll be tested on and when (even though these dates are for this term and not the actual term you're attending- but it gives you an idea). You can start reading ahead on the information you'll be tested on first. The first test, I've heard, covers about 700 pages of reading.

    I know Central uses the same books, but I don't really know what you'd be tested on first. However, you can probably just get these books and read ahead as well.

    Are you starting in May? Or are you applying for August?
  6. by   LeavingTeaching4RN
    Test taking and critical thinking skills are also important. There are recommended books for critical thinkning and test success on the instructor's website.
  7. by   NrsBetty86
    I am graduating with my LPN on April 9th and hoping to sit for my boards soon. I want to apply for the LPN-RN program but I've heard SO many negative things about BCC! Should I even waste my time? I am applying for South campus and all I hear is horrible things about all the teachers in every campus. I even heard that they are harder on LPN's because we are licenced. What do you think??
  8. by   current bc student R
    im a current student right now at central campus. you guys seem sooo exited about it which is great stay with that attitude, but prepare to hate it towards your second semester....bcc sucks big time. they failed ppl for stupid reasons. my class was the first one based on gpa average to be accepted we had pretty much smart ppl in our class. but bcc has a business with the nursing program ahhh big advise do not buy allllll the books dont please dont waste ur money. just buy ur skills books "mandatory " u only will use it maybe twice the only book u really need is the drug guide and perry and potter thats about it u dont need anything else trust meeeeeeeeeeeeee. im almost done with this semester and stuck with all this books i never even touch
  9. by   olive_nurse
    Buy the pharmacology book and start looking at it. Get familiar with the drugs, how they work, etc. I'm in Process II right now and wish I took care of Pharm before I started my semester. It's a killer.
  10. by   current bc student R
    if u have dr lyons i do recomend study ur ass off for pharm, but Dr. K is very fair and his slides are very helpful u just go by his power points and u should be fineee u dont need the book at all. his test are very straight forward not tricky questions at all. he is the best pharm teacher i highly recommend him, since u will be sooo overwhelmed with process one and clinical. take him but the program is very disorganize. soooo be prepare to teach yourself., no guidance at all....
  11. by   tracie0305

    Can anyone who is a current student tell me when do you usually have off during the summer? My family is planning a trip next summer and I want to make sure that the dates that I will be off from school coincides with the trip. I will be starting this fall.

  12. by   LeavingTeaching4RN
    If you start in the fall, you should have the second session of summer off (end of June 'til end of Aug).
  13. by   sassygirl2020
    Hey guys, Im going to be going to north campus in August, I deffered my seat for May. Anyone know anyone in nursing school looking for an apartment I currently live by central campus, but Im going to be getting an apartment by north campus in August. Would like to share it with another nursing student since we will both be having no lives and share same interests. Well if you guys here of anything or anyone let me know. Thanks
  14. by   futurenurse809
    I will be starting the nursing brogram at BCC SOUTH any advice??