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Hi! This is a thread for anyone applying for August 2012 class at Broward College for the generic nursing track. I deferred my seat so I will be starting in August. I haven't decided if I want to go... Read More

  1. by   dream61792
    Like most I am waiting to see if I am accepted for the august program.I have a 3.6 gpa and a 82% on my hesi. I am very nervous
    about getting in and even if I get accepted the cost of the first semester taking 6 classes and the demanding work load have me on edge. I am also afraid about the high drop out rate that I have heard about.
  2. by   Meme2012x
    Franky89 your post helped to calm my nerves some I am also waiting to see if I've been accepted and I'm nervous about the program as well I am 24 with "2" over active kids, so I am soooo determined to do well for them and I more than prepared to give up my social life...good luck to all!!!
  3. by   nayenay40
    Quote from Franky89
    Hey everyone I just want to give you a sense of hope. I remember when I was in the same situation as most of you, hearing everyone gossiping about how you need a 4.0 to get in this program. I'm living testimony you don't need a 4.0, I had a 3.4 with a 88% overall Hesi score, in addition I have friend in the program who had a 3.1 who was accepted with me. This program has been rough I'm not going to lie, I started with a class of about 70 something (South Campus) and we are down to about 20 and I'm in OB right now... (Actually have clinical in the morning lol) I recently just turned 23 and let me tell you it takes will power to do well and PASS. If you are my age you can kiss your party days good-bye if you want to succeed in this program. You need to appreciate you are going to lose friends because of your demanding schedule (Example: today was Memorial Day and I spent all day doing 3 care plans and studying, not once did I breathe fresh air in today.), however you will make the most amazing friends in this program. Those are the only people who will understand your pain (not even MDC students will understand your pain {I know people in MDC program and they have time to lay out by the pool drinking Margaritas}). This program will push you to your breaking point (I'm a guy, and I've become an emotionally roller-coaster because of this program). I promise there will be days you'll feel like giving up, but that support system you developed at school will push you to finish. Then one day it will be your turn to motivate your classmate to drive through that "depressed phase" you felt a week earlier. As you read this I don't want you to build any negative perceptions toward Broward College Nursing program. If anything I know that this program will develop you into the best nurse you can potential become. As each semester passes I astonish myself by how much I know. This program is "no joke", I've spoken to several students at local schools (*cough cough*, FIU, Nova, and Keiser) who are amazed by how much clinical experience we earn and how much more we are taught. On another good note to us “3.4er's”, most of the “4.0” students are long gone because they were only good at memory based knowledge and unable to critically think, or the other half cheated their way to perfect scores (reality sets in for the cheaters when they are tested faced to face all alone with no one to help them, but their brain and time they've put in). Overall if you want to become competent nurse you have came to the right place, this school will prepare you.
    I am a nervous wreck about starting in august (i deferred from may) and i have been hearing horror stories about the bc program, this post is both inspiring and informative. I have to congratulate you on reaching ob as i know many ppl do not make it past process 2, i never thought about that fact that people with 4.0's have a memorization ability to do well in school rather than the program. I thank you for taking the time to write this.even though i know your time is highly limited. But i was ask do you have any advice towards succeeding in this program? And if you have a job how do you deal with work and school?
  4. by   dream61792
    I know that it's very difficult to to work and focus on the program as well. Trying to get scholarships is a challenge and many of us do not qualify for government financial aid.
  5. by   Franky89
    Thanks everyone! Yes this program has been very challenging and demanding, however very rewarding if you truly love nursing. To the response directly to “nayenay40” question;

    Do you have any advice towards succeeding in this program?

    Yes, tons of advice. Get the “Fundamentals of Nursing by Potter and Perry” early. It is never too premature to start studying for nursing school. For Clinical in relation to Nursing Process 1 (NUR1020) my advice is as followed. Never be late, so leave school so you plan to have at least 15-20 minutes to spare, being late equals serious retribution such as cleaning the lab for 2-3 hours for only being 0.0001 seconds - 5 minutes late and being 5-10 minutes late means failing the class and waiting to the next term is offered. Secondly, don’t be one of those who say, “O professor, I forgot my stethoscope, penlight, or paperwork at home”, I can personally tell you those are the ones that are gone. If they say to bring something to school or clinical do not take it lightly, triple check you have everything! If you forget something they will make you sign an agreement that you will do extra labs hours outside your require lab hours. You will have two “Return Demos” for you Clinical Rotation in Nursing Process 1 (NUR1020), the first one will consist of Vital Signs and your second one will be Physical Assessment. They will sneak on you fast so make sure you study them. I’ll give you what you need to focus on the first return demo. In all your return demos it’s nothing but you and the professor and what comes out of your mouth. You will perform your skills hands on. First Return Demo, Vital Signs: You will be given a scenario for example,
    History: Breast Cancer with a left mastectomy
    Medially Diagnosis: Pulmonary Tuberculosis
    Orders: Vitals signs q 2hrs including: B/P, Temp, Resp, Pulse, and O2Sat

    You need to know how to properly wash your hands (I know how silly), all the equipment you need (nothing will be present in room that you need), what PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) you need for that patient, you need to be able to recognize which arm is appropriate to take B/P and O2Sats on and why, and finally all your vitals need to match the professors vitals. If the professor tells you “are you sure about that”, you are WRONG and reassess your patient!

    This information is just for clinical portion, so if you like to have a head start you can begin to study vitals signs. Know the different diseases in which you are require to wear PPE’s, know the normal ranges of Vitals, and know how to preform the skills.
    If you have time review physical assessment which is “Return Demo 2” in Process 1 which is a lot more stuff, I would recommended!

    As for theory portion in Nursing Process 1 (NUR1020) I know the chapters on day one were Chapter 1 (Nursing Today), Chapter 2 (The Health Care Delivery System), Chapter 3 (Community Bases Nursing Practice), Chapter 6 (Health and Wellness), and Chapter 15 (Critical thinking in Nursing Practice). Please be mindful this was the 7th edition of Potter and Perry, I’m unsure as to what the new students are using.
    I would also say invest in good nursing care plan book and test success made easy book for nursing student to make it a lot easy. Start to do practice NCLEX question, and really understandsthe ABC’s (Airway, Breathing, Circulation), as well as Maslow Hierarchy.
  6. by   dream61792
    By next week we should start receiving emails. Super nervous and excited!!!!!
  7. by   Colleen2014
    I am sooo nervous but so ready at the same time. I think time has moved slow these last couple of weeks.
  8. by   lily11
    I agree time has been going by super slow. Im so anxious especially since there is very little talk about this term. All I know is that a whole bunch of May's students deferred their seat. I barely know how many points people have. The lack of talk is killing me ahhhh!
  9. by   dream61792
    I have been hearing about alot of students dropping out of the program and being failed the first semester.This has also has me worried and on edge. Just hoping for the best
  10. by   dream61792
    I also seen that some hospitals in Broward like Memorial offer a scholarship and job placement after graduation has anyone received this scholarship???
  11. by   StephanieMC12
    I don't have the scholarship, but I was working at memorial and they told me that the scholarship people come to BC during your second semester. It's GPA based and you have to go through interviews as well. I want to get it, that's a guaranteed job!
  12. by   StephanieMC12
    This wait is killing me! I can't wait to find out if I got in or not
  13. by   Colleen2014
    Quote from lily11
    I agree time has been going by super slow. Im so anxious especially since there is very little talk about this term. All I know is that a whole bunch of May's students deferred their seat. I barely know how many points people have. The lack of talk is killing me ahhhh!
    I completely agree with the lack of talking. I constantly read post from previous semester of students who have applied and thought to myself how in tuned everyone was. I'm hoping we will know a few days before the 15th. I just pray everyone has a shot to at least prove themselves.