Arnold/Winnie Palmer NICU in Orlando?

  1. Does anyone know anything about the NICU in this hospital? It used to be called Arnold Palmer, and is now Winnie. Thank you!!!
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  3. by   Journey_On
    I know this is a really old thread, but I would like to know if anyone works (or knows someone who works) at Winnie Palmer and could give their thoughts about the hospital. I have used the search function on this forum but would like some more details. I am very interested in working in Orlando after I graduate.
  4. by   sweetspirit
    I live in central Florida and I have actually applied at Winnie Palmer...still waiting to hear something...I've heard rumors that the pay is low (per say Crappy!) and I have also heard once that you feel like you are working with you license on the line.....I've never actually met anyone who has worked I don't know how reliable some of the "He said, she said" comments are! I am looking forward to asking these questions first hand!
  5. by   ShannonSRN
    I worked at Arnold and was there for the transition of Women and Baby services to Winnie. I was working there through nursing school in the NICU, and loved it. They opened Winnie Palmer on Mother's Day of 2006. It is all dedicated to Women and baby services, and Arnold Palmer is dedicated to Children's services (including a Pediatric Trauma Center). The NICU is enormous and is designed quite well. There RN training program and educator are phenomenal.
    I am an enormous supporter, and love to see all of the progress they have made. I can't wait to see what they do next! The administration is phenomenal, and believe in all they are doing.
    The pay I will say is not spectacular, but I think the benefits of working/learning there exceed all expectations!
    I would still work there if it weren't for the horrible gas prices, and the drive I had to make to get there. I really wish I could make the drive!!!!

  6. by   jemrn56
    Hey Shannon:

    I worked NICU in 1993 and want to return; are the nurse managers/educators at Winnie open to hiring nurses that have been away from the bedside? I took a refresher course this year but of course the clinicals were adult M/S floor. I am not an adult experience is peds/NICU. I've applied on-line for NICU II position but can't seem to get pass HR.

    Any advice in getting in the door at Winnie is greatly appreciated.
  7. by   GreatnurseFL
    I work at Winnie and love it. The new unit is beautiful, and staffing has greatly improved in the last year. That being said, if you ned to rely on OT, it's not always available. On the other hand, assignments are safe and no mandatory OT. Only 12 hour shifts, which I like. I hear rumors of a waiting list for Level II and Level III NICU, but I don't know this for sure, which is why HR response may be slow. Even when I was hired which was when there were lots of positions, HR was frustrating.