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  1. Has anyone worked or is there anyone currently working at Arnold Palmer Women's and Children's in Orlando? I just interviewed for an assignment there to start after the New Year and want to know what their PICU and CVICU is like. Traveler friendlyhospital? RN: Pt ratio? I have my contract but haven't signed it yet b/c there are a few things I'm questioning. One is there uniform policy: RN/LPN can only wear white, royal blue, and navy blue. Is that mean solid scrubs only or can they have prints but the background be one of those colors?

    Then there is this 36 or 40 hours per week clause and that travelers may need to float to other units at other ORMC facilities to meet the required hours. I'm Peds only...I don't feel comfortable floating to an adult unit in a sister hospital that could be across town. I mean if I have to float, do they call me to tell me where to go or do I find out where I end up when I show up at my contracted hospital.

    Any information greatly appreciated. I'm posting this thread in the travel nurse forum as well.

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  3. by   Samslady
    Uniform policy--very strict no exceptions, the hospital is very big and that's the only way to discern who's who....Secondly I don't think you have to worry about floating from PEDS....have youever seen a picture of this place?? HUGE!!!....Winnie Palmer and Arnold Palmer are both dedicated solely to women and children they are right next to each other walking distance....You'll have your fair share of pts Not to mention Nemours clinic down the street---Good luck
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    Hi Samslady
    How long has the uniform policy been in affect? I called the NM after I read my contract and asked her to clarify the uniform and she stated it wasn't that enforced.
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    For that unit..I just want to be sure before I go out and buy blue scrubs. Does it all have to be a solid color and can they have prints and have the white or blue in the background?:spin:
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  6. by   Samslady
    Don't believe her it's a set-up then again I guess it just depends on what unit you work on....On our unit, Oncology it is STRICTLY enforced but then again our NM is by the book