Anyone working in Shands hospital

  1. HI! I'm also interested to work in Shands hospital. Please post any feedback about working in Shands Hospital. What is the nurse-patient ratio? What is the starting wage? Thanks!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   np_wannabe
    Which Shands--Jacksonville or Gainesville???

    Also, I THINK (but I'm not sure) that the hospital itself is comprised of both UF and Shands employees--two separate HR's and all....
  4. by   shansky
    Hi, I worked for Shands for a total of 4 yrs. It is a good place to learn , but dont recommend it if you are thinking about moving to Gainesville . The pay is low compared to other parts of Fl. Housing is skyrocketing and Shands is difficult to work for . For that reason they have a real serious nursing shortage that started back in the 70's when I first worked there. They got rid of all the LPN's and that was a dumb move . Now they dont have enough RNs or other help. North Florida Reg has a better rep in Gainesville.
  5. by   extreme
    Yup! I am referring to Shands Hospital in Gainesville. So far, I have a good reputation about it since it is a teaching hospital. With your feedback, it seems that it is not an ideal hospital to work, especially, in terms with the workload nurses have. So, what is the nurse-patient ratio there?
    Actually, I'm looking for a hospital where work is not really TOXIC.....that is having a low nurse-patient ratio so that I can give quality service.

  6. by   weezyljm
    I stand correcteed - My previous post was re: Shands in downtown Jacksonville. Can't speak re: Gainesville - no experience there.