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Hi and Congrats to all that starting the RN Accelerated/Part time/Full time/Transitional option this August 2009 at MDC! I have read tons of posts from prior years of former and present MDC RN... Read More

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    ProspectiveMDC, this is very informative. Thank you.
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    Thanks prospective for the info. I can't find how to apply for this grant, so if anyone knows how to, please post it here. thankss .
  3. by   ProspectiveMDC
    Quote from chiqui24
    Thanks prospective for the info. I can't find how to apply for this grant, so if anyone knows how to, please post it here. thankss .
    My pleasure
    From WorforceOne, it's the 2nd attachment. I took a screenshot of all the #'s Miami/Broward. My friend told me that last year her area had exhausted their funds in North Miami so she ended up going to the Homestead one instead.
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    am starting again in the fall 2009 because i have to retake fundamentals of nursing because i failed the first time with 75 which is d you need a 77 in order to pass but i remember almost the majority of questions which can help to focus reading in all 4 exams .focus more in fundamentals of nursing and introduction to nursing math and pharmacology than the other courses because this courses you need a 77 percent to pass and you have no opportunities to retake the tests differently from health assesment,fundamentals of nursing skiills and clinicals you can retake the tests..the first fundamentals of nursing lecture test is the harder because people are not adapted to nursing questions but thru the semester people get stability....if you want more information i can guide to study and focus on what you need not to get burnt out.....i pass all the other courses with straigh a
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    AM in the full time rn program i dont know how the accelerated program works but for fundamentals of nursing a helpfull advice in our class we were using fundamentals of nursing 7th edition texbook and most of the question came from foundations of nursing caring for the whole person....
    ***** *****----fundamentals of nursing lecture best teacher in world she treates you like a baby
    ***** *****-----fundamentals of nursing clinicals
    ***** ****------fundamentals of nursing skills lab very strict faculty but very good she is very serious with her work but she told me that nursing is not theory and concept is 90 percent skills
    **** *******----her lecture just write what she says and what she writes on the board ..dont even need to read the book if u are good at math
    **** *****--- health assesment he tells u what yo need to know he release you before time which give u time to rest and study i dont know if he gonna intruct the course again he was sick he is an ARNP whatever thing in anatomy u want to know just ask him he is very cool....
    questions we had in the first test i cant post them here
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    am so sorry you know what happens i jost dont know how to send private messages on this thing i registered yesterday to this site ...other than that am not being a libelous person am just telling what is best am not talking bad about no one..mmmmm can you intruct me how to send private mesages lol...
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    i did what you told me but the page says i currently dont have permission to send private message i gave u my email or give me your email thru private what courses do you take on the accelerated program first semester
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    Hi Silvio, thanks for the information, it's very helpful. You have to have at least 15 posts I think in order to be able to send private messages.
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    congratulations ....... whatever thing you need to know let me know i cant send private messages thru here please add me to your hotmail account and we cant talk thru there about nursing in there.... maybe you gonna know me in class
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    Can anyone who is accelerated check your schedule to see if the dates don't match up from what was on the blue schedule sheet they gave us and what was actually on the schedule from registrars. Specifically Med/Surg says it ends 2/03 and Med/Surg Clin. says it ends 4/23. Does everyone have something similar? I didn't meet any of you by the way!!!!
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    You know we were all there today and I didnt even think to find out who all the individuals in the Part time were...I guess we will meet in person on Thursday before the test...did anyone find any info on the format of the test or any study aides>>>
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    MairepFalcon I am sorry we did not meet today...I am sure we will meet at the test on name is Rachael...I will be there and if not surely we will meet at our Tues night class Congratulations
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    I am soo bummed out reading all these posts. I applied to the Generic PT program and I have not received any notices of admission. It appears everyone has been selected. I thought I had a fairly high GPA, but it appears I do not. My GPA is 3.75. Can anyone tell me what was there GPA just to get an idea. Thanks and Good luck to all.