Any Webster (Rasmussen) nursing students?

  1. Hello, I was just accepted into the program at Rasmussen College and I wanted to know a little more about their program from other students.
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  3. by   JeepDudeRN
    Hi...Im in the RN program at Rasmussen, at the Ocala campus. Which campus/program are you attending?
  4. by   MysticMommy
    Hello! I will be at the Ocala campus also. What is the schedule like? Are you enjoying the program so far?
  5. by   JeepDudeRN
    The schedule depends on how you are entering. Are you taking General Education courses, or going straight into the Nursing courses? I have taken Fundamentals already, and am starting Nursing 1 in January. The program is ok. We have had some problems, but hopefully everything is going to be worked out. The new Director seems promising.
  6. by   MysticMommy
    Really, some problems? I am taking a few of the general education courses first. I took some at CFCC so I don't need all of them.
  7. by   JeepDudeRN
    Oh ok, well Im not sure what your schedule will be like. Right now Im going to classes 4 days a week, and 2 nights! But anyway, good luck I am sure you willd o fine, and congrats on being accepted!
  8. by   Butterfly3001
    Has anyone heard anything good about this school? I want to apply there but I heard if you go here your credits most likely won't transfer to a University if you want to further your education. And is it also true they are accredited? Thank you in advance
  9. by   MysticMommy
    Hi! They are not accredited yet. That scared me so I will not be going there after all. I am at CFCC so I am going to continue there. The director did tell me the credits would transfer though.
  10. by   Butterfly3001
    Quote from MysticMommy
    Hi! They are not accredited yet. That scared me so I will not be going there after all. I am at CFCC so I am going to continue there. The director did tell me the credits would transfer though.
    Thank you for replying, so do you know what the cost of classes there are? OH and quick question about CFCC I know they have a new entrance exam, have you taken it yet or have you heard if its easy. Does CFCC still have a waiting list 2 years long? LOL. Sorry for so many questions!!:redpinkhe
  11. by   Kolacz35
    Hi I am planning to attend Rasmussen college but i wanted to get some ifo from students here firsts... is this a good school ?? and is it accredited ?? I want to be a RN but was told i can go here for the LPN first and then bridge over to RN is this true ?? pls someone help before i enroll and it does not work out...
    thanks all
  12. by   Kolacz35
    Hi i am trying to attend Rasmussen college but is it a good school and is it accredited did you go?? i read u were on the mess I want to become an RN but heard u can go here and do the LPN then bridge to RN is that true pls help i want to start soon... thank you for any info you have
  13. by   Kolacz35
    Hi just read your post did u go to Rasmussen College was a good and is it an accredited school would u recommend going there i just moved to Brooksville fl and the closest other schools are in Tampa and thats a long drive. Pls let me know how it went and are u glad u went? Is been LPN great + pay ??? thank you just want some info on this school before enrolling ??? thank s
  14. by   JeepDudeRN
    Im still attending Rasmussen, Ocala campus. I graduate in 6 months. They have conditional approval, which means when they graduate "X" amount of people, they will have full approval. Its a good school. The classes are small, and there is one on one instruction. We have a good variety of clinicals at the area hospitals. To get in, you have to get a pretty good score on the HESI. Im not sure what that score is. Like all schools, and new programs, there are gliches, but they are getting worked out. Since this is a private school, the tuition is ALOT higher than the community college. That is a factor to consider. They are regionally accredited and the credits will transfer to another school, but it is up to whatever school if they will accept the credits since it is a private school.
    Hope this helps.

    By the way, for the other poster, as far as I know there is no bridge program. It is RN only. The Pasco County campus has an LPN program.