Any students who have taken Chemistry at Miami dade College

  1. I was wondering if anyone has taken Professor Eilleen Johann, for Chemistry Chm 1033 and Professor Jean for Chemistry lab... Any comments feel free..

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  3. by   mom12
    You should try
    Alyssa Jean-Mary--I tried to get her but her class filled too fast. She was the professor everyone wanted--nice and had a great way to explain.
    I dont know about the Johann teacher. I had Ackner for chem lab and he was great. A bit wacky but very good. For chem lecture I had Larry Bray, he was a bit boring, but his test schedule was super forgiving, If you score higher on your mid term than on the 1st two tests--whatever you get on your mid term you will get on the 1st 2 tests. Same for final. Say you get a 65% on test 1, 72% on test 2 and 86% on mid term--then your grades will be changed to 86% on test 1, 2, and mid term, and same for test 3,4,and final. but if you score 89% on test 3, 79% on test 4 and 82% on final, then the only grade changed would be the test 4 with the lower score so then you would have, 89%, 82%, 82%-final. good luck.
    Also try
  4. by   Myxel67
    I took the class there, but I had Mr Haight at Medical Center Campus.
  5. by   Ltorres5351
    Thanks for the response. Are any of you in the nursing program at MDC. If so how competative is it. I have a 3.1 and hopefully with the chemistry and lab i can earn a decent grade...
  6. by   mom12
    I had a 3.8 going in. The medical campus advisor said the lowest GPA accepted from the semester prior to me applying was 3.4. But I know some of my classmates didnt have that high of a GPA. You just never know.
    Good luck. :spin:
  7. by   Ltorres5351
    Thanks for your response. Do you have any idea from a 3.1 if I get A's or B's how much do you think that my GPA will increase to. I have been trying to figure that out. I am only going to take Chemisrty to be able to concentrate more on this class. Im mostly a A or B student. Lets see....
  8. by   mom12
    Funny you should ask...

    go to:

    You can get your completed credit hours from your degree audit and it will calculate your GPA for you.

    you can always take a super easy class over the summer to bring up your GPA if you should need to. :smilecoffeecup: