Accreditation and Recognition outside of florida

  1. I was thinking of going to Pensacola Christian College to get my Nursing degree but had a few questions about their program. I want to know if anyone has graduated and had a hard time getting a job in another state after graduating from there. I have read a thread about someone getting their nursing degree from there and not able to practice outside of florida. Is that true? I know my bsn wont be recognized but i don't know if I should be concerned about that part if i just want to get registered in nursing.
    I was wondering if it is really worth it to study nursing there. I live in California and am not about to wait 5 years or forever to get into nursing. I finished all my prerequisites and the community colleges and universities are lottery based and require at least 6 months working in a health related field, proficiency in another language, and high scores in all your science classes. I score pretty low only because i don't have the 6 months requirement and the language proficiency. I don't want to spend a large amount of money going to a private college or christian college and get into extreme debt. I just don't want to go to Pensacola and graduate with an invalid nursing license. In other words waste my time for nothing.
    Any helpful comments would be appreciated.
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  3. by   NurseNikki=)
    May I ask how you heard about PCC from all the way in California?
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    I have some connections.
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    PCC is known for having really strict rules, just to key you know. I'm almost positive you would be able to practice nursing anywhere in the US because you are required to take the NCLEX after you graduate and that is what the whole country uses to issue RN licenses. Since the school itself is not accredited, I would only worry about the validity of my Bachelors if I intended to get a Masters or Doctorate because that is when your Bachelors will count. In the south, having a BSN only gets you about 50 cents more an hour at many hospitals, but I'm sure most hospitals consider it for advancement to other positions.

    I am originally from California, but I went to school in Georgia and live in Florida. I know the waiting list thing is more common in California than in the southeast. Many schools in the southeast as long as your GPA is above 3.3 or so and you meet the prerequisites and pass the required entrance exam, you should be able to get in on first try. No waiting list means some people may never be accepted. I have friends in California so I know that not all schools do the waiting list. Also, you need to consider out of state tuition, but I'm not sure if PCC charges more for out of state like other schools.

    I personally would avoid any school that refuses to go through an accreditation process like the plague. Also, there are many bad reviews posted from former PCC students if you want to search those.
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    Thanks for the advice. would you happen to know if I could get my bachelors in nursing somewhere else after becoming a RN at PCC since the BSN wont be recognized from there? Or would it be just as good if I get a BS in another subject afterwards but at another school of course. Would that count as having a BSN in Nursing and some other subject? I am transferring over to PCC with an AA in science and math so I wouldn't need to take that many unaccredited classes. Im aware of all the controversy that others have written but that doesn't concern me as much. From what I've read on there website they are in the process of getting accreditation which I know may take a long time. I'm just making sure I get as much information as I can and Thanks again. Hope what I'm asking makes sense.
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    If you finish at PCC and become an RN, then I don't really see the purpose of going for a BSN at another school. because those programs will make you go through your nursing courses all over again.
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    Especially if your previous nursing courses were from an unaccredited school. I personally think it would be much more efficient to get your BSN from another school now. The nursing curriculum itself is only about 2 years. So if BSN is important to you, skip PCC and go to another school.
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    However, to answer your question, I am not sure if you would be able to get your RN to BSN from another school after finishing at PCC. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to if you are a licensed RN.
  10. by   ignite23
    Okay it makes sense now. I guess either way i would be able to get my RN license and study at another school to get the BSN. Yet it would be a poor use of my time to take additional unaccredited classes that could have otherwise gotten me a BSN. This has been very useful talking to you. Thanks a lot. I'm going to keep exploring my options here in California.
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    I agree, be sure to stay with accredited programs...

    Got my BSN in FL from accredited program, moved to PA, found a job but that was over 7 years ago. I would never be able to do the same in this current job market. They would laugh in my face in PA if I came from an unaccredited program.