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Hello, I am looking at schools that offer an accelerated RN/BSN for those already holding Bachelors Degrees. I graduated USF in December with my BA in Pol/Sci and am seriously considering getting... Read More

  1. by   skad33
    i am a spring 2010 hopeful. we should start a new post for spring 2010?!

    i am also in the exact same situation with having a bachelor's degree and wanting to get into a nursing program. i chose to apply to hcc & phcc. i screwed up majorly in my first few years, and i think i may be wasting my time w/ trying to get into usfs accelerated program. even though my upper division gpa from usf is 3.8 (overall is under 3.0). my hcc & phcc prereq gpas are decent, 3.3 to 3.5. and this long wait to find out whether or not i get accepted is torture! i'm already 33 yrs old, but i want to be a nurse. i wish i decided this from the get go, like right out of hs. oh well... i guess that i am not alone in how i feel about my degree.

    ckitty - the health food stores i know of in tampa are: whole foods (one under target off dale mabry & another in south tampa). abby's health & nutrition (northdale area/dale mabry). nutrition smart (bears/dale mabry). if you need help finding housing i can help you out, you can message me.

    starbellyjm - it's funny how things work out, i'm contemplating other back up options like south university, since my usf gpas is low, i cant believe that usf is that competitive.

    these application procedures costs money & take up time. thanks goodness for this chatboard, this process can drive you nuts. i'd like to hear from others, and let me know if there are other other options...
  2. by   ceekitty
    Thank you for the health food store info skad33! I will definitely contact you for housing Q's if I get accepted. (:

    Good luck to you
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  3. by   usf83
    I am applying to the nursing program at PHCC.. Anyone else applying for spring 2010? If so what is your GPA and reading comprehension scores? I have a 3.4 gpa and 83 reading and 88 overall... super anxious because i feel old as well and really need to get in..wish i would have done this first instead of wasting my time with a biomedical and psychology degree.. I would be a RN already
  4. by   kevano51
    Anybody applying directly for the MSN, seems like this would be the best route for getting a job when we get out?
  5. by   nchareonsup
    Hey Jess,

    I realize this post was back from 2008 but hopefully I will get responses on this post. I'm new to so I'm still figuring out how this works. I am in the same position as you were in when you posted this back in 2008. I have a Bachelors degree in Advertising and just recently decided to go back to school in Spring 2013 to obtain a degree in Nursing. I'm trying to decide whether the Bachelors program at USF or the Associates program at SPC would be the better fit for me right now. It looks like USF has more pre req requirements before applying to their nursing program and once in the nursing program you take alot more classes than you would at SPC which is why you obtain a Bachelors degree in nursing versus an Associates degree in nursing if I were to attend the SPC Nursing program.

    I want to take as many pre reqs as possible like you did so that I have more options available to me when I apply for the nursing program, either at USF, SPC or both. I'm working full time right now in an unrelated field but I'm looking for a job at the hospital just to get some experience in the nursing/medical field while I'm in school. I've been told that all the Nursing programs are extremely competitive so I want to get A's in all my classes. I realize this is going to be a challenge but I believe where there's a will theres a way.

    Do you have any suggestions? Which Nursing program did you end up going into? USF, SPC or PHCC? I've researched the pros and cons of each school.

    Thanks so much!