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  1. I already have a BS from a state university (in Florida) and I am interested in entering an accelerated nursing program for a second Bachelors degree. My main concern is the GPA. I have approximately a 2.8 gpa from my previous BS. With that degree I have already taken most of the common pre-reqs. (Nutrition - A. Psychology - tested out. Micro - C the 2nd time around with B in the lab. A/P 1 - C. A/P II - B. Chem I - B. Chem II - C. Survey Oraganic - B. Bio I - B... etc.) I am trying to take Human Growth & Devolpment at the local comm college but I assume that will not help my GPA out that much. Basically, I was wondering if any of you have been in a similar situation before and still got accepted or what did you do next if you didn't get excepted? What schools could be a good match (preferrably in Florida)? Am I out of my league for looking at accelerated programs?
    Any and all responses are greatly appreciated . . .
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  3. by   heynow1313
    Where in Florida are you applying?

    I'm applying to accelerated BSN programs at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, and University of Miami in... well... Miami. If you are located in the South Florida area, let me know and I'll give you what advice I can.
  4. by   Ready2Nurse
    actually I am willing to go anywhere in Florida but south Florida would be priority. I kind of strayed away from barry however since I think they require a few more theology classes but maybe I'm wrong
  5. by   heynow1313
    No, you're totally right about Barry requiring WAY more in terms of weird pre-req's. They require Biomedical Ethics, Fundamentals of Speech, Intro to Computers, in addition to the usual science pre-req's. However, I have spoken to admissions there and they are totally willing to work with students regarding those requirements, especially the Biomedical Ethics, as, according to them, it is an upper level course and is not offered at community colleges at all. So, if you ARE interested in Barry, do not let those few courses deter you from applying. I've heard some fantastic things aboutout of your league. Generally speaking, these programs say they require a minimum bachelor's degree of 3.0. You are very close to this. Additionally, you hold a Bachelor of SCIENCE, not ARTS like alot of us. You have already taken most of the requires science pre-req's and have demonstrated that you are capable of excelling in them. Perhaps you could retake certain courses that you received less than a passing grade. That is really up to the individual school to decide.

    I would not give up on an accelerated or 2nd degree(like 1 to 1 1/2 years) because you have worked hard to attain the degree you already hold and should only move forward. Contact the schools to which you want to apply and let them know your concerns. You'd be surprised how helpful they can be. I wish you the best and think you'll make it!
  6. by   julcha
    Thank you for you advice rsw. I also am in the same situation with a 2.5 gpa with a degree in health administration. IO am going to call some schools to see what I can do.
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