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Florida Gateway College, Lake City

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Hi Everyone!

I am currently in NC and will be moving to FL to be closer to my husbands family, for future grandkids. Anyways, I am looking at attending FGC for my ADN. I am completing my CNA training now and planning on doing my Pre-req at FGC as if you get B+ in all those classes you get guaranteed admission into the nursing program. I was wondering is any one has taken the program there and how you liked it?

Also, if anyone knows of a program for those seeking a second bachelor's degree up near Jacksonville? They tend to be accelerated. Any insight would be helpful! Thank you

Hi Kris!

Congratulations on your upcoming move to the sunshine state!:) I personally completed my AA there with my mom prior to going to UF. My mom went through FGCs ASDN program and was president of the class. If you can bypass the politics of a nursing program your learning and overall experience will be a lot better. Other than that, my mom did very well and loved her instructors and clinicals. She was also hired as a labor & delivery nurse right after passing her NCLEX. FGC does a wonderful job at preparing you for boards and getting you out into local hospitals to put your face out there and build connections as well as build upon your skills as a nurse. You'll also learn while doing your pre-reqs at FGC that it's very "homey" and you build wonderful connections with those you meet out at the college. A lot of my friends have gone to nursing school (UNF, UF & FGC) and from what I hear the first year of any nursing program is crazy because of the amount of information that is needed to be learned in such a short amount of time. So pick an environment that you will feel most comfortable and stable in so that your mind can stay in "battle mode".

In regards to accelerated nursing programs, there are a few options: UNF, JU (Jacksonville University), UF, and then there is also an accelerated BSN program that is online at UW Oshkosh (you do the clinical portion in your area and are only required to go to Wisconsin for orientation and boot camp). I have decided to apply to UF's ABSN program and FGC's ASDN program. Although, no matter how the cards fall, I do feel like I will go to FGC for nursing because of the awesome instructors, hometown bond, no traffic or crowds, and I would be able to work and pay for tuition without going into debt.

Hope this is of help! :)

Thank you #yardbird! Yes, we are excited to be headed down there after being in NC for a while. We will be closer to my husbands parents. Which I am sure they are just as excited about as all of their kids have moved far away.

Thank you for the information! I just needed to hear from someone that had been there or knew someone that did. :) It is my first choice at the moment. I am debating on UF in Jacksonville. I don't like the cost either! I am looking for the hometown feel and no traffic also! I don't want to just be a number like at a big university so I can learn a lot more. I will try to avoid the politics; though I am sure it looks great on your resume when it comes time to apply for jobs. The other thing I liked about FGC is if you get B+'s in your pre-reqs you get guaranteed admission into the nursing program.

Have you started your pre-req's yet?

You're welcome!:)

Yes, their guaranteed admission for all B+s in pre-reqs is really nice. I completed all of my pre-reqs at FGC about 4 years ago, all A's except for my C in college algebra (I was young and didn't feel like studying haha). I'm hoping to still have a good chance at getting in though. Do you plan on taking your pre-reqs at FGC this Spring? When you go to register you may have questions about instructors, I would be happy to help with any questions like that too.

Also- the bookstore on campus has an awesome study guide for the RNET, my mom used that to study and did an excellent job. I plan on using that to brush the rust off my brain.

Very exciting times ahead! I have a feeling 2015 is going to be pretty amazing. :)

Well, I would say being young and not wanting to study all A's but math is pretty darn good ;) I am sure you have a pretty good chance and if they complain about that C can you retake that one? Yes, any questions I have about teacher I will send you way! Thank you

2015 is going to a crazy year! I am still up in NC moving there end of next summer (not looking forward to house hunting.. lol). I am taking an EMT course this coming semester so I can get that certification. I would take my math and English classes but I want to take them there for guaranteed admission. I am also hoping that some stuff I have will transfer in but I have to see if that will hurt my chances though and if I should just retake them anyways :) I like that the school offers a lot of those lower classes online. That will make it soooo nice!! All the while hopefully getting a CNA job to start getting experience to put on my resume. :)

Hey Kris, I was pretty positive I replied but I don't seem to see it :/ Now that we're well into 2015... how has everything been? Did you apply to FGC's program?