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Hi everyone,

I am currently enrolled in Excelsior College, struggling with it a bit. Hard to stay motivated! So I was looking into Florida Career College in Jacksonville since they have an LPN to RN program, but I don't know much about the program. I have all my pre-reqs for RN. I just was wondering if maybe this was the way to go. I think I may do better in a classroom setting but I work PRN and have a 2yr old and 7 yr old also. My time is very limited so Excelsior seemed like the best choice since its self paced. Does anyone out there know about Florida Career College or someone who has gone thru nursing prog there? I know they have campuses in So Fla too, Miami, Homestead Ft. Laud i think.

Anyones advice or input is welcomed!!

Thanks everyone :)

i know that nurses who have attended excelsior college and attempted to get licensed in ga have a very hard time..not sure why exactly but i'm sure there are postings about it on here.

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I am also going thru Excelsior College for my RN. I am single mom and work full time. The idea of going back to school full time and trying to raise my family while working full time seemed impossible. I looked at every option and decided that doing it online would be the best for me. I treat my "study time" as if I would if I were in a regular program. I set down with my course outline and made my own class schedule. With Excelsior, you test out when you are done with each unit. I would pick a test date and schedule my exam. That would give me a deadline to keep on track. I really like doing it this way and it gives me the free time I need to be a mom. Good Luck to you!!

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