Float Pool RN pay in Los Angeles area


Hi, everyone.

Just wanted some information from Float Pool RNs that are in the LA area (or surrounding counties) as to what the salary and benefits are out there, as I'm thinking of moving.

I'm currently an Atlanta-based Float Pool RN with several degrees and certifications - I'm happy to give similar information about Atlanta Float Pool RN pay/benefits as I work for, or am deeply familiar with, the city's big health systems and their float pools.



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Per diem float pool at UCLA is 81/hr. It lists that on their website. However that's per diem and probably a competitive position to obtain. I think full time staff is somewhere is the $50-60/hr range but you'd need to check the job postings to be sure.

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Hi! I know this post is from a year ago, but thought you would be a good person to ask. I am also in float pool, 4 years now. I was wondering when you apply for other hospitals do you state you base pay including your float pool diff? I feel stuck only because It would be a big pay cut losing my diff, but I am ready for a change of scenary if that makes sense. All advice will be appreciated!