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Has anyone gone right into a float pool job after graduation? A local hospital will consider new grads for the float pool jobs.

I think it would be cool to experience all the different floors. However will the lack of consistency be too difficult to promote learning for a new nurse?

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I am familiar with several facilities that hire new grads into float pool jobs - at first, I was appalled at this arrangement due to the reasons you have already described. I just couldn't see how it could be structured to provide a good transition for new grads. However, I have since discovered that (in each case) the hospitals had made this decision because it was the only way that they could continue to offer new grad jobs when they had no positions open in other departments. They wanted to continue to support their local nursing programs. I have to respect that decision.

In each case, the employers limit new grads to a specific group of similar departments or a single service line. They are supported by a clinical educator and the nurse director (responsible for the float pool) closely monitors their progress. Seems to be working OK so far.

My advice? If this is your only option for an acute care job, jump on it! Organizations that are hiring new grads into their float pool have most likely developed a structure & process that supports them.

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