Flipping houses while travel nursing?


I am a first year student, so I still have 3 more semesters before I take the NCLEX... and am guessing a year or 2 experience before I could travel nurse. So I am looking at a 3-4 year time frame on what I am thinking of doing.

My wife and I are both older (40's) and own our own home. While nursing is new to me, my wife and I do know how to repair homes. Travel nursing sounds like a good opp. for us because of the housing stipend. The plan would be for me to incorporate travel nursing jobs with homes we find that can be flipped in about a 2-3 month time span. We would live in the home so that we could get the money that would normally go along with housing, and when my contract was over put the house up for sale.

We have money in the bank that would make buying these 'less than perfect' homes an option (we don't have to count on a loan from a bank). I know a lot about the real estate part of it, but my overall question is how this would work out from the nursing perspective.

I am aware we would not have much (if anything) in the way of furnishings, but we can live with that. A blowup mattress and some form of internet connection for entertainment. If there is any must have's we could do it on the cheap with 'rent a center'.

Lastly, most of the work on the house would be done by my wife since I will be the one working... so it is just one income, but that should ensure the house is ready to go to market in the time frame we want. As my old contract ends, we look around for a new job/house to work on. This would not be a life long thing, but I think this would be great to do for at least a few years; and we could make a lot of money too!

Is there anything I am missing?


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Perhaps the time frame. Are you really planning on going to a new location and purchasing a house within a couple of days? Even if you send you wife in advance of assignment starts, that seems ambitious. Just get a rental and see how it goes with the side business.