What should I do first?

  1. OK...My goal is to eventually be a flight RN. Because of financial issues, I was going to get my LPN first, then my EMT-P, and then work my way to my RN.

    I understand there are flight crews that utilize paramedics, so my question is- Should I...

    a) Scrap the LPN idea (thus saving myself $7,000), go ahead and get my EMT-P and work as a paramedic (in order to gain the requisite pre-hospital emergency experience) and try to get on a flight team as a paramedic and then work into my RN?


    b) Go ahead with the LPN ($7,000 and 10 months), then get my EMT-P, then work into my RN?

    I am leaning toward the first option, but those of you working in the flight aspect of nursing might have a different opinion and/or ideas. Or be able to point me to resources that might answer my question.
    I really appreciate it, y'all!
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  3. by   mattcastens
    I guess that in your situation I would go for the paramedic first and then, while working pre-hospital, go for your RN. If the opportunity arises to fly as an EMT-P take it. The flight field is very full, however, and openings are very limited. If you wait to become an RN until after you start flying, you'll be waiting a long time.

    Why not get the pre-hospital experience and then, when you become a nurse, you can get the required critical care experience. That will put you in the lead from both angles.

    Hope that helps!
  4. by   jaflower
    Thank you! I did decide to go ahead and get my EMT-P and do pre-hospital before my RN. I'm taking my EMT-B class right now, and I love it! I think I've made the right decision and might just stay a medic, but we'll have to see when I get that far down the road. Thanks for the advice
  5. by   CraigB-RN
    I don't believe that the LPN will help you at all. It may even delay things. I'm not even sure that the Paramedic will help you. I'd just do the EMT time and just go for the RN.

    Depending on were you are located, even as a paramedic first you may be required to spend time as an Critical Care nurse before you can fly as an RN. Wasting time going through the intermediate steps in most cases is a waste of time. In my neck of the woods, I'm more interested in my RN's having a good solid Critical care (ICU, CCU, ER, SICU) background than a prehospital one. I can teach an RN to be a paramedic, but what I can't do is to speed up the knowladge and experience you'd get from the ICU time.

    Out of curiosity if you're just now taking EMT, why is beinga flight nurse your goal? There are plenty of other options out there.

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  6. by   Jim Rodgers
    I would obtain your RN first. You have a lot more options to work as an RN vs. a medic. I have been a paramedic for 17 years and just finished the RN program. I feel you would make a better medic by going to be an RN first. I work for a flight program and all the full-time RN's are paramedics also. God luck on your endevors