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  1. Hello all! I'm starting to prepare to take the CFRN and after reading through some job requirements for several flight agencies I decided to start with certifications like CEN and CCRN before I take on the CFRN. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on any other certifications I should tackle before the CFRN and what review guides worked the best for everyone. I just ordered the CEN review guide from the ENA this morning. I am currently an ED nurse in a level 3 trauma center in southern Texas working on finding a PRN job in an ICU setting. Thank you to everyone and anyone who has some input!!
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  3. by   RickyRescueRN
    As someone who is very involved with the CFRN and CTRN exam process I would STRONGLY encourage you to hold off taking a CFRN exam until you have at least 2 years actual Flight experience. All BCEN exams are written in such a way that you are required to draw upon actual real life experiences, coupled with your didactic knowledge in order to pass these exams. I would strongly encourage you to keep on pursuing an ICU position as the exams both have lots of ICU specific content. Also definitely consider becoming an ASTNA member (Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association) as there are many huge benefits to membership including discounts on Flight nursing books, conferences, courses etc that you will need and which are strongly recommended for someone entering the Flight/ CCT nursing speciality. Being a member of a professional nursing specialty association also looks REALLY good on your resume. Feel free to message me anytime if you need any more info. I'm the immediate past president of ASTNA and have been a flight RN for 18 years and am more than happy to help. Kind Regards, Andrew