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  1. :spin:I read once:" a dream is a wish with an agenda". 14 years ago I started a journey to become a flight nurse. I did everything I could to become one. I read book about it, watch tV show about it and follow a list I got from the web on course to do. Well today I got confirmation. I'm part of the STARS family now as a flight nurse. My goal is not to show how proud I am ( well a little bit:spin but mainly I have encounter many dreamer, who like me want to get there. I wanted to say, It is possible. Especially for you US RN, you guys ROCK!! You have awsome program and course. Have faith in your capacity and try to achieve more. To you other flying adrenaline junky out there, we have a great profession!! I was watching the Guardian this week and it remind me how many sacrifice we do ( time, family, course,ourself) " so that other may live"( the motto of the coast guard rescue swimmer). I find in time like ours it is very noble!( wow poet tonight phiposurde!!!)
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  3. by   Medicine Eagle
    Wow I watched the Guardian this week too. I want to be a flight nurse. I have wanted to do it for the last 8 years. Everytime I hear those blades in the air my heart speeds up a little. I will get there some day.
  4. by   granite109
    Congratulations! I remember when I got word. Gives me chills just thinking about it! It's a blast, the bet job ever, oh and nomex makes everyone look good-lol! Best of luck and fly safe!