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  1. Hi, I'm really interested in flight nursing and I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions. Like how, and where do I get started? Are there any formal schools of training? Any available jobs? Any info would help. Thanks. JM
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  3. by   Nursejan
    Like Jm I am also interested. Is there an age requirement. I will be 45 when I graduate with ADN and 46 with BSN..any thoughts or suggestions?

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  4. by   benham
    I don't know where you guys are from, but I know that when I lived west Texas, a flight nurse from Lubbock told me that they prefer you to have at least 5 years nursing experience and also be a paramedic. That was about 4 yrs. ago, so things may have changed since then. But, I think having some experience as a paramedic would be a really good idea. Check with your nearest careflight center and ask their nurses and medics.
  5. by   KR
    Hi there! There are many certifications that are required or recommended for a flight nurse. They include ACLS, PAlS, ATLS or PHTLS, TNCC, AMCC, and CCRN or CEN. Most want anywhere from 2-5 yrs in the ER or ICU setting. A great site is . There is a listing of jobs as well as people in the business you can talk to and a wealth of information. Email me at if you have any further questions.
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