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  1. Are you a flight nurse? Do you want to be a flight nurse? Please share your story, a memorable moment, advice for aspiring flight nurses.

    My name is Jeremy I have been an ICU nurse for just over 2 years. I worked ER before that as a EMT/ER tech. I am starting to study for my CCRN. I currently have ACLS, BLS and TNCC certs. I also start school for my RN-MSN program in May which will take 2 years. I know I need to pick up a few more certs along the way (pals, ATCN, NRP, EPC). Also a trauma job and or pediatric experience would be beneficial. Hopefully after school things will be lined up for me to apply to flight jobs. Any feedback would be great.
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    Good morning - best wishes!

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    Funny seeing an old post of mine! I figured I would update whoever is interested.
    I have been a Flight Nurse since January 2017. The training has been intense and the hours long. I have been off of orientation for about a month and there is still so much to learn!

    I had my first scene call my last shift, two actually (back to back). One was fairly straight forward, it was an intoxicated male who was stabbed with femoral artery involvement. Treatment was simple tourniquet, TXA, Fluids, and transport. The second call was more complicated. It was an MVA, unrestrained passenger, highway speeds. Broken jaw, teeth busted-out, blood in airway, altered with LOC. Interventions included IV, RSI, Intubation, sedation, vent management, and transfer.

    Scene calls are complicated and chaotic, thank god for my Flight Medic and the fire crews on the ground. They really had their act together which made my job as a new Flight Nurse more manageable.

    I will try to update more often!