Experience with portable ventilators,..

  1. Hello all,

    Our company is changing the portable ventilators we have for Air - medical transport. They just bought a "Eagle" protable ventilator from Impact.

    I was wondering is there anyone here who has experience with this type of ventilator,...tips/trics on how best to use it ?
    (which wouldn't be in the manual ).

    We are going to use it for short and long haul flights (up to 24 hrs)....

    Thanks for all the reply,..

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  3. by   Shamira Aizza
    The Eagle is a straightforward kind of ventilator. Three of the standard modes with minute volume adjustments, FiO2 adjustments, and PEEP.

    The screen can be a real bytch to see when you are outside on a bright day. It's near impossible to see throught the 'clear' cover after a while after it get's good-n-scratched.

    Some of the setting's knobs are poorly designed and too sensitive; i.e. the Tidal Volume knob; damn near takes a surgeon to set it right on the value you desire.

    The vent circuit can be a bit 'crazy' and I always wrapped tape around it in 2-3 places along the length to help control it. Additionally, the two smaller tubes in the circuit depend on their own personal 'grip' to stay connected to the ventilator and can pop off.

    The CPAP mode is pointless and cannot be used to transport patient's who are using a CPAP mask...otherwise, I don't know how many intubated patients you may consider transporting on CPAP (a weaning mode), but weaning is typically not a transport function.

    Must be kept reasonably warm...not necessarily heated like some medications, but the compressor will struggle when it's been left in the aircraft or ambulance on a cold day (i.e. below freezing). Even if the aircraft is fairly warm, the ventilator can be affected by the cold if it's leaning against a window or outside wall.

    Finally, when the compressor does start to go, it has to be replaced. Biomed will try to 'tune it up' and PM the ventilator, but it won't last long after that.

    Just an FYI, you may have been better off to purchase an LTV by Pulmonetic...a far superior transport ventilator than the Eagle, but the Eagle will get the transport done.
  4. by   Matt.
    Dear Shamira,

    Thank you very much for the efford and time you took to write this reply. This is going to be very helpfull while using it.

    I have also had some feed-back from other colleques on the web, which really helped,..but had one generall conclusion. Not the best machine on the market these days. Unfortunatly I'm an not the one of the "wize" manager types who decided to buy it. Just the simple guy on the ground, in the air who can sort out the trouble when it arrives !

    But once again thanks for your answers !,..really will help.

    grt Matt.