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  1. Hey All!

    I am testing for my CFRN in January, I have primarily studied via "ASTNA patient transport principles and practice" book in adjunct with my study materials from my CCRN and TNCC courses.

    Is anyone aware of a practice test bank such as the "Pass! CCRN" online (which gives you thousands of practice questions)? I want to test my knowledge and identify my weak points before sitting for the exam. I am aware that BCEN does offer 1 practice test but my concern is it is only 180 questions. Thanks all!

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  3. by   chare
    There are several resources at the The One in particular that you might find useful is

    The Aeromedical Certification Examinations Self Assessment Test (ACE SAT).

    If you haven't done so, you might visit

    Best wishes on the examination!
  4. by   vj714
    Thank you! Much appreciated!
  5. by   Dobi also offers a test prep as well as online practice tests for a fee.
  6. by   MissIllCrisis
    Are there any free practice type questions and tests? Just paid for my CEN and plan on taking my CCRN in March so I'll have that fee too. Would love some free or super discount tests. Thanks!
  7. by   vj714
    I took and passed my CFRN today (YAY!!!) personally I thought it was a lot harder than my CCRN but I have much more experience in ICU so perhaps that was what made CCRN easier ... I used the ASTNA book to build a study guide based on the test content listed by BCEN on their website and I also did every practice question in the ACESAT was a grueling test but so glad to have it done with!

    Thanks all for the well wishes and study recommendations! Stay safe!