Any advice for a flight nursing interview?

  1. So I got a flight nursing interview coming up and am super excited and nervous at the same time!

    I am looking for any advice I can get about the interviewing process. I know there will be a written test and a mock patient scenario. I am curious as to what kind of preparation I can do considering I do not have any direct trauma experience (just intensive care). Anyone know if it will be necessary to know how to treat and care for trauma patients for the interviewing process?

    Also, if anyone has examples of interviewing questions they can remember for their flight nursing job, that would be great! And if you're a hiring manager for this type of position, even better for someone to give advice!

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   cardiac.cure03
    So no replies...

    I am pretty comfortable with the interviewing process in far as preparing for the questions that may be asked.

    I was just hoping someone could give me insight into what type of knowledge they expected you to know during your own personal interview. Just review basic CCRN type of stuff like hemodynamics and such? Also, same with the mock scenario if you had to do one with your interview...was it just mainly to see how well you are familiar with ACLS protocol?
  4. by   Rio
    Sorry I'm a little late for the dance. If you get this before your interview I hope it is helpful.

    Be yourself- having no trauma experience is NOT a deal breaker. Nothing is more revealing than a candidate that has all the answers, all the credentials and all the attitude. Having a foundational knowledge base and an attitude to work within a team is the basic requirement for an entry level position.

    So when they ask you your weakness(es) do not shy away from your lack of trauma hands on experience. Just make sure you have refreshed some book learning

    Good luck, let us know how it went.