35 yo RN with 12 years exp, AF reserve flight nurse questions

  1. Hello...I am a RN from ND and I am looking into Air Force Reserve flight nursing...is there anyone active reserve right now, in flight nursing that I could contact via email with some questions...or if anyone has some comments..I have 12 years experience...geriatric, psych, ER, ICU, med-surg, PACU experience. I currently work at the State Veteran's Home in management. Still fill in at hospitals with my travel nursing per diem.I have my TNCC, ACLS, PALS and am looking to get the other certificates in ENPC, trauma nursing before the end of the year, while I wait to see if I meet the requirements, which I understand takes awhile to process. I would like some info on amount of time involved...I am extremely excited to have a chance to do this...I finally feel like I have found what will make me feel like I am making a difference for this generation of soldiers. I currently work full time. I have read conflicting amounts of time re: amount of time deployed (on average) anywhere from 60 to 120 days. Also...what is the officer training and flight training like? Is there a way to get some of the cirriculum and read and study some of this before I go, since I will most likely not be able to have the green light to go, until next summer. Thought I would make good use of my time and read anything I can get my hands on. I am wondering how well this will fit with my job...they are a Vet's home, and I would hope would be supportive...I haven't discussed this with them yet, as I am trying to find out all the info I can before I talk to them.
    Any information is helpful...it has been helpful going back and reading all the old posts...Thanks.
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    Also...any Navy reserve nurses out there that can give me any feedback...I am pretty sure I am going to go with the Navy at this point...after talking to a recruiter today. Any stories or thoughts about Navy reserve as it is currently would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    You'd get a better response in the Military, Uniformed services forum.
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    Rebbeca, I have read your posts on here, I will be joining you, I assume, in Minneapolis next month. Could you give me a great insite of all the training and time frames mainly it took. Thanks a lot