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Hi there...I understand that Certification in Flight Physiology is required....any idea where & how I obtain that....? Live in Miami... Also, what is the going rate of pay for a flight nurse? Much appreciated..Thanks in advance...

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Hi I too wondered what the pay scale was for flight nurses and what is required

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The FLight Nurse certification is not required. There are a number of web pages that have "so you want to be a fllight nurse" pages. Just do a search under "flight nurse". From my experience these are the things you should have before applying to flight nurse positions.

1. Registered Nurse

2. Critical Care Experience (prop get you farther than ER experience)

3. EMT Certification

4. EMT-Paramedic may be needed depending on the service you want to work for



7. Advaned Burn Life Support

8. Pediatric ad neonatal Advanced Life Support

9. Specialty Nurse Certification (CEN, CCRN, Etc.)

Then after you've flown you can take the CFRN exam

Then there is alway take a commision in the US Air Force and hope that you can get a flight school slot. :)

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Hi guys,

I am a flight nurse for Lifeguard in NM. Each flight program will have it's own requirements. The standard seems to be at least 3 years of critical care or ER experience for RN's. You should also be required to have ACLS, PALS, ENPC, TNCC. It is also helpful to have CCRN or CEN. The more experience and credentials you have the better your chances are of getting a job.

However, flight jobs are difficult to come by and it is hard to get a flight job without flight RN experience unless you have a program in the hospital you work in now. Many programs like to hire internal, qualified RN's.

The pay is the same as you would get in any other critical care unit with the same years of experience. However, some programs (including mine) give extra money for flight pay while you are flying. (Hazard pay)

There are a lot of flight programs out there but not all are equal. Make sure the program has high standards of professionalism and safety. Check out:


Hope this helps. Good luck!

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I think a lot of times it depends on what you choose to apply for. For example, I know some flight nurses that work for hospitals in New Mexico that had minimal experience/training. After you get all of the qualificaions nailed down, it is who you know, not what you know

I am pretty sure FL does have a flight physiology requirement. Check FL statute 10D66. Anyway, one place will answer all your questions: National Jets in Ft. Lauderdale @ FLL. They are the best!

Don' t forget, their are always subspecialties. Our hospital utilizes a perinatal flight team. Since most ER nurses and critical care nurses do not want to deal with a pregnant women. (note: I used the term MOST, not all, so please don't take offense if you are one of the special ones that will)

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Wonder what your chances are if you're a new RN, but have Air Force Medical Service Specialist and 2 yrs. AF Reserves in Triage/Air Evac/Medical Trnspt. in your satchel? Gues it still depends on local protocols, huh?:rolleyes:

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Your AF experience will help some, but having pre-hospital experience would help more. ANd yes it will depend on the program your trying to get into.

In California, I notice the flight nursing jobs don't pay as well as working in ICU. Not sure why. Flight nurses need to be ready to perform all those invasive procedures.

For a new foreign RN, 3 years non-ER experience, taken CGFNS and NCLEX, ACLS, NRP, PALS, TNCC, PHTLS and ALSO. If I would like to work for flight nurse in USA, should l start my work in one hospital which there are flight programme? Or I should start my work in one hospital with busy ER first to get more experience and then work for another hospital which there are flight programme?

If the requirement of a flight nurse needs to have ER/Critical Care experience, is there any training(course) or exam I should take before I work in these units?

Thank you very much!

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