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Reading some of the posts a few thoughts come to me or maybe its just a "flight of ideas"? Since they apply to more than one thread I thought I'd start a new one

1) We live in a society that pays millions to watch a ball pushed around on the field or for that actor/actress in the latest film. Yet the people that help them get there - nurses that helped bring them into the world, teachers that educated them, police and firemen that protect them, the list goes on - make so much less than they do.

2) BSN as entry level - ok I'm game but - BSN bedside care emptying bedpan vs BSN as DON, which one do you think Joe Public views as being more educated? ol' Joe sees body fluids compared to desk job yet it's basically same education. Won't you still have the division despite the education?

3) BSN again - with less applicants to nursing programs do you think by making this the entry level it will increase or decrease the numbers?

4) BSN - every nurse is a BSN, now do you think mngmt would fill all the positions previously held by LVN/LPNs, ADNs etc with techs because they can't afford BSNs?

5) Don't we basically cut ourselves short everyday when....

Mr/Ms DON we do not have enough staff to take on this many pts and I am not allowing my staff to take report until we get some help.....or isn't it more of "We've called everyone, no one will come in, do the best you can............and we do, again and again. Aren't we giving them permission to do this? But then again what else are we to do if there isn't anyone else to help, we are nurses, we care and we take it on.

I believe nursing as a whole is respected and trusted by the general population. I also believe that when it comes down to it ol Joe just wants you to make him feel better and appreciates that you do. He doesn't understand all the "behind the scenes" things we have to know to be able to care for him. I mean really when was the last time while you push a pain med you explained to him "Joe, not only do I have to know this drug forward and backward, the math involved in calculating the dose, I have to know which part of the anatomy it effects, your lab values and what they mean, your medical hx, what to do if you have an adverse reaction, which family member of yours to call if your not able and much more plus I have to know this about my other pts too. Not to mention the patience, caring, and intestinal fortitude I must have to do this job.

Now that said my intention is not to insult the intelligence of the general public but what are we the nursing world doing to educate them on what it really takes to be a nurse. I understand the thinking behind the BSN equates college education to the public but they will still see some of us wiping bottoms and emptying bedpans.

Nor is my intention to knock the BSN entry level I mean if you want to be a nurse and this is the requirement I'd do it but I wonder if it would really change anything in the public eye.

Maybe I'm just ramblin on, what do you think?


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Originally posted by MitziK


Now that said my intention is not to insult the intelligence of the general public but ..... Maybe I'm just ramblin on, what do you think?

This is a great post. I've got to ask though,.... Since the invention, and popularity, of Homer Simpson, Just how do you think you could insult the public?

What's wrong with "ramblin"? I find it to be one way to clarify my own positions. Once I put them down I can see how they read, and figure out if I make sense.

- You go girl!

just my $ .02

ken :devil:


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so true ken but you never know how someone takes what you write

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excellent thoughts and probing questions related to our profession and the whole health care situation.....


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Originally posted by MitziK

so true ken but you never know how someone takes what you write

There is that fine line there. You know who you are. You know what you would like to say. You would like to have people hear what you say and at least accept, if not agree. So you (I) have to be a bit careful, so's to send the right message. - It's never easy, is it?

just ramblin.....

ken :devil:

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