Flagstaff Medical Center

by HMim HMim (New) New Nurse

Has 3 years experience.

Hi, new to these forums and am looking for insight from people with experience from Flagstaff Medical Center (no need to say if you're a current or past employee).

What are your overall thoughts of working here?

Are there opportunities to shadow and/or transfer to other departments?

Average hourly wage for critical care or cath lab?

Do you feel like administration listens to concerns and works towards effective changes for both patient and employee?

Unrelated to the hospital. What is the surrounding area like? I was looking at living outside of the city. Any places to avoid? Where should I look?

Thanks for any information you all are willing to share!

I lived on the Navajo reservation for many years and did all of my shopping in Flag. And I did a travel assignment for the state last Summer. So, my husband has been a patient there and I have friends that work there. It has a good reputation and the staff like it. They are growing and I was told that they have bought land to expand.
It sounds like you might not be familiar with the city? Flagstaff is a college town and an old lumber town. The downtown is nice, lots of good restaurants, breweries, etc. And great hiking! The elevation is 7000 ft so it takes some getting used to. Flag gets a lot of snow average is 97 inches but it melts within a couple days and it’s always sunny. And people are friendly. It’s a great mix of people.
The cost of living is high because it’s pretty land locked because of the mountains and the college. It’s considered a pretty safe city and I don’t personally know of any bad areas.
As far as salary, I don’t know specifically except I had a friend that worked M/S tele and usually worked 48 hours per pp and earned over 100,000.
Also of interest is that Northern Arizona Healthcare does not use The Joint Commission, just CMS.
I’m not sure what your hobbies are but in my other life I’m a fiber artist and Flag has a great fiber community. I really love Flag but I live in the Valley for affordability. Where would you be coming from? Good luck and I’d love to hear if you decide to relocate.