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Does anyone know where I can learn Spanish for Medical Professionals? Thank you for any direction you all can provide me. Community college is too expensive for me.

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I don't know where you can find that specific Spanish course online, so I'll just direct you to general Spanish instruction.

There are lots of free and paid Spanish websites and podcasts out there: just Google it and see what you find. Even the BBC offers a basic free one and you don't even need to be in the UK.

Or you can go to your local library and check out some instructional CDs.

If you want to buy your own program, you don't need to go as far as Rosetta Stone: there are lots of good programs (Berlitz, et al.) for under $50.

Agree with what Meriwhen posted.

And when you're at home, listen to Spanish-speaking radio or watch Spanish channels. Watch the telenovelas when you eat and soak up hearing Spanish to get used to it. Immerse yourself in as much Spanish as you can.

Hi try the World Word Exchange to learn Spanish, Mandarin or Thai its cheap and you can try it free. It is also like no other method I have tried. Learn the 100 most common words first from playing a word memory game. There is a timeline that records when and how long you study. Its great for motivation. You even get free credits from the site for being a good student.Give it a try and let me know what you think thanks L.G.

Do you have some Spanish experience or are you learning from scratch? If you have some experience and are looking to save cash, your best bet is probably searching for Spanish instruction books online with specific vocab for medical professionals. There are handful out there. Even if you're learning from the beginning this could be a bit helpful.

Once you have a bit of cash, you could enroll with Language Bird Private Spanish Lessons Online - Home . They offer private lessons specifically for medical professionals. I certainly had a positive experience there!

Also, if you work with Spanish speakers, you can ask them to help from time to time. It won't be comprehensive but is better than nothing!

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Op's post is a bit dated, but there are prob many currently out-there who would find that improved Spanish speaking skills would be beneficial for career and generally social use. In my neck of the woods, I have freq seen specific Spanish for Healthcare Professionals courses at my local Comm College.

I did what my cousin did for his community volunteer position - I bought an inexpensive Spanish audio learning course and would play it in my car back and forth to work (one hour commute each way). My cousin is pretty much fundamentally fluent now- I did just so-so.

Back in high school, I got a 1 year subscription to Readers' Digest in French. I kept the magazines for a while as I plodded thru them even though I had studied advanced French. One can really pickup on the language reading a simple enough publication like RD.

I also bought French Christmas albums and general music in the past. And I have a five disc French TV program, Count of Monte Cristo, with Gerard Depardieu. (I just LOVE those tapes.) I still have my French version novel too that I flip through.

Those techniques for immersion in general language are extremely helpful even if fluency isn't quite there. The language DOES NOT sound foreign after a while.

Does anyone know where I can learn Spanish for Medical Professionals? Thank you for any direction you all can provide me. Community college is too expensive for me.

Hi Tampa121, I don't know if you're still looking, but I create, and teach, custom curriculum for students, to be work fluent. They are niche to each student, specialty. if you're still looking I'd love to help. Visit Custom Conversational Spanish Classes - Home for more info. Thanks! :-)

My name is Javier. I am a consultant in health services in Spain. I need to practice my English, for that, if you want to practice Spanish, I can help you. My email is [email protected]. Thank you.

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