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FL License


I am moving to FL pending job offer, in like 2 months. I have the whole application situation figured out, just waiting to pass the NCLEX to get a license number to start the process. My question is, I’m moving in with my boyfriend who already permanently lives there-so I have an address. When I apply for endorsement, do I have to submit proof(pictures, driver’s license #, etc.) with the application? I plan on getting my driver’s license soon after settling in. So, I’m just not sure what to do? I have the permanent address, just not the driver’s license-yet. I want to put the address down bc I’m gonna be living there and I’d rather not go through a whole other process like 2 weeks after getting the license. Not sure how to handle this! Anyone have this problem or come across this situation? Any advice would be great, thanks!

Are you currently a resident of one of the member states of the Nurse Licensure Compact? If so, and your license provides multi-state privileges, you will be allowed to work in FL on this license while your FL license is being processed.

If not, and you know that you will be relocating to FL, why don't you apply for initial licensure with the FL BON? Even if you have already submitted an application listing your current state as recipient of your results, you should be able to change the BON to which your results are sent. While there is a $50 fee to do so, and might delay your authorization to test, it might actually be both cheaper and faster.

Best wishes.


So I’ve already registered and everything through my current states BON to take the test-which I take on Tuesday 😬.
IN doesn’t become a compact state until July 1st and I won’t move until I have a job lined up. I’d rather start that process sooner rather than later. I was more wondering if anyone has gone through this and what they did. If a job doesn’t have a start date until mid July, then I won’t be an issue, I’ll have plenty of time to get a FL DL and endorse my license quick. If it’s sooner is what I’m worried about.