FL BON destroyed my RN record; RN re-entry course in MO?

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OK, so I have been out of nursing for over 20 years, but have just applied for RN endorsement with my new residence in MO. I was amazed that no CEUs or refresher course was mandatory! I had to have my licensed verified so I paid the FL BON records dept only to find out they destroyed all stagnant records at the time, including mine. Not sure now if my license is verified or not. They do have my name and license number but that is it. Has anyone heard of this happening before? The records dept in FL said that I'm not the only one and that others are getting endorsements in other states regardless. I'm not sure what to think of this.

Also, I have 9 years of hospital and home health care experience prior to 1986. What are some of your feelings on my reentering the RN workforce after being out so long? I'm going to look into an RN refresher course. Do not want to do hospital floor nursing but look for something less daunting. Are there books you'd recommend? Other classes I should look into? Thanks for any help or thoughts! :uhoh3: (How I feel right now.)


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