Five Minute Interviews? Vent...


This is starting to be a common occurence as I have been looking for a job for quite awhile now.

Now it seems you go to an interview fill out an application and they interview for 5 minutes to tell you, "We have so many applicants thanks for coming."

My vent. Why did you call me to waste gas to come in just so you can tell me this via post card or over the phone? If you want to see what I look like I will be glad to send you a picture via email. :lol2:

I have friend in the Business world that this happens to who has been looking as long as I have for work and now it is happening to nursing. Where I am at least. Other areas I have interviewed for to relocate the interviews were very precise and I could be on the phone/Skype for at least an hour.

I mean has this been happening to anyone else? Mind boggling. Like I have money for gas. :uhoh3:

They always prepare you in school, I mean gee wiz even in high school for interviews. Really I can't believe it. I guess they are sick of all the applicants. :jester:


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Oh no... I have had 2 interviews so far and both have started with a phone screening..


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oppps... already said it in my post, SORRY...