First Year Undergrad GPA.. Need Advice

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I just finished my first year and I'm currently pre-nursing. I've switched from pre-pharm at the end of my 2nd semester and most of the classes were for pre-pharm which were harder.

I've had a rough start after putting a lot of time and effort, it just wasn't enough and I'm still trying to develop a study habit that works for me..

My GPA is currently ~2.56 after my first year and I'm really just disappointed because I know I can do better, I planned to apply for nursing next fall semester but not sure how it will work out with my low gpa.

These are just my science/math classes, the rest I got B's and A's.

Chem I: B-

Chem II: C+

Pre-calc: C

I just need some advices and guidance of what I need to do.. I'm taking Anatomy and Nutriton this summer and I will work hard to get A's in them.

Does your school offer tutoring? Study groups? Take advantage of whatever is available. What are you losing points on in your exams? Is it more concept stuff or are you making errors/getting confused? How do you study now?

It might be helpful to determine how you learn best. Do you need visuals? Do you have to hear it? Do you retain things better when you write them down? Some combination of all that?

This is my general method: I try to read the chapter before the class. Not always possible, but I find lectures make more sense if I have an idea of what's coming. I take a lot of notes during lectures and write down as much as I can. After class I'll review my notes and make notes on them. If the book has questions, especially critical thinking ones, I do those. For vocabulary I make handwritten flashcards- writing it in my handwriting helps me remember better than premade flashcards.

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