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For the nurse just getting out of school, what would be considered the most challenging first nursing job and the easiest one? I know the first year is challenging no matter what, just wanted someone's opinion? Also, do you get a lot of help in your first year on the job or are you expected to know your job right away? Thank you


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It doesn't really matter which nursing is the hardest and easiest bc it will vary on who you talk to. What matters most is starting your nursing career in something you really want to do and you have passion for. That will make the challenging part more worth it. As far as getting help, try to get a good feeling of the unit during your orientation and how many new grads they hire. Nobody expects a new grad to know everything. You will get the most help if you are eager to learn, optimistic, and even helping others in return. :)

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:yeah: good luck in all that you do !


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Great Advice! Thanks so much!:D

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