First year nursing students


Just got this app and wanted to see how many nursing students were out there. I'm in my second semester of my junior year working towards my BSN. I'd love to start a thread with anyone else to post comments and what your studying for right now


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Hi I'm in my 2nd semester of the BScN too. How are you finding your classes?


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Hi, I am in the second semester of my first year- ASN program.

anatomy was a pre-req, as was micro, psych etc.

Right now we are doing a patho / med surg combo . Basically learning hemorrhage, shock, wound healing, antibiotics, stress response, IV therapy etc.

I'm lovin' it.


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I am in my first semester of senior year in BSN program. We are learning about MI, EKG strips, chest trauma, acute renal failure.


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I've got maternity/OB, mental health, gerontology, and pediatrics

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Hi! I am a 2nd semester in 1st year, doing OB, L&D, Peds, and as always med-surg. 1st semester was all Med-surge. I just wish we had more time in pediatrics.

I have little love for L&D and OB so for me that section is a bit of a drag but I still learn all I can! Peds is where my heart is and we only had 3 clinical days! That made me sad.

Oh and I am in an ADN program.