Your honest opinion of online MSN programs?

  1. Has anyone ever taken an online MSN? If so, how was your experience, especially with fieldwork/clinical experience? Do you regret taking it online vs. on campus? What good programs are out there?

    I'm thinking of applying to an online program with an MSN in Nursing Education. The curriculum includes clinical practicum that I physically have to go to during the last year of the program (which takes about 2 years), as well as online courses for Advanced Physical Assessment and Advanced Pathophysiology . However, I like that this certain program offers the Assessment and Patho classes though, because some online grad programs I've looked at don't seem to have those classes included in their curricula.

    I'm really looking forward to educating students and becoming involved in hospital staff development in the future. Is an online MSN a good way to go?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I got my MSN in 2005 from University of Phoenix and I liked it. The concentration was management and leadership and there was only 90 hours. After I did this degree program, I realized I wanted a more clinical focus so I did a post-MSN adult health CNS and now I'm back in school again for another post-MSN peds CNS.